What Happened To Cup a Bug After Shark Tank?


Cup a Bug After Shark Tank Update: Cup a Bug is a toolbox that helps in catching insects and spiders while maintaining complete safety. This unique convenient tool product was invented by engineer Justin Huang.

Justin started a business called Solid Factory in 2016, which mainly sold accessories to board game players. Justin has been afraid of bugs since childhood, but even when he became an adult, his fear of bugs did not go away.

He thought that it would not be difficult to catch the bug by putting a long stick in a cup, this is where the Cup a Bug product was born.

What Is Cup a Bug?


Cup a Bug is a convenient tool that helps humans catch bugs. First of all, take the cup over the bug and then pull the lid closed. After this, release the bug outside. This cup is being sold for $39.99 on the official website and for $40 on Amazon.

Who Is The Founder Of Cup a Bug?

The founder and CEO of Cup a Bug Business is Justin Huang, who is a mechanical engineer by profession in Astro Flight. Apart from this, he is an entrepreneur and the founder of Solid Factory.

Cup a Bug Shark Tank Update

Company NameCup a Bug
FounderJustin Huang
ProductSafely Bug Catching Tool
Asked For$50K for 10% equity
Final Deal$75K for 20% equity
SharkMark Cuban
Episode (Shark Tank USA)S15 E15
Air DateFeb 23, 2024
Business StatusIn Business
Cup a Bug Net Worth$100K *estimated
HeadquartersIrvine, California, USA
Cup a Bug InstagramView Profile
Cup a Bug shark tank update and company details

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Cup a Bug on Shark tank Pitch

Justin entered the shark tank and asked $50K for 10% equity. He explained his product to the sharks. Sharks love the Justin.

Mark straight offered $50K for 20% equity. Daymond also Straight offered $50K for 20% equity. Mark again offered $75K for 20% equity and Justin accepted the offer.

Cup a Bug Net Worth


Cup a Bug’s net worth is estimated at $0.5 million. Many entrepreneurs have come to Shark Tank with startup ideas so that they can continue the business journey in the future by taking investment from the sharks, but very few entrepreneurs have been successful in it.

Is Cup a Bug Still In Business?

Yes, Cup a Bug is still in business as of February 2024.

This is a cool product from Solid Factory company that will help people who are afraid of bugs to catch bugs from a distance.

The current headquarters of this company is in Irvine, California, United States.


Who is the Founder of Cup a Bug?

Cup a Bug was founded by Justin Huang.

What is Sweetkiwnet worth?

Cup a Bug’s net worth is $100K.

Is Cup a Bug Still In Business?

Yes, Cup a Bug is still in business as of February 2024.

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