What Happened To FireFighter1 After The Shark Tank?


In “Shark Tank” season 14 episode 6, entrepreneur Bianca Wittenberg excitedly presented her unique product, FireFighter1. Firefighters may come late, yet flames might flare up at any time. Thus, firefighting gear should always be handy. FireFighter1 is a better, more accessible fire extinguisher. Let’s dig in, shall we, and follow the company’s growth step by step?

What is a FireFighter1?

Over a gallon of water may be sprayed per second from the hose, and it can be connected directly to a pool using a PVC diverter.

FireFighter1 Product

Who is the founder of FireFighter1?

A hose named “Firefighter1” was developed by Bianca R. and released in 2015.

Nylon is used to make both the 50-foot and 100-foot versions of this fire hose. The 13.5-pound, 8′′x14′′x17′′ 50-foot version can cover 1/4 acre of property. The 28-pound, 16′′x16′′x8′′ 100-foot version can cover 1/2 acre. The package includes a fire hose installation kit and a 3-way diverter. $95 each.

In terms of cost, a fire hose of 50 feet in length will set you back $369, while a hose of 100 feet would set you back $449. The fire hose has an adjustable nozzle to customize water pressure.


  • After 1000 gallons, the pump runs dry.
  • Electricity is required for the device to function.
  • Customers should be informed that this product is not suitable for use on grease or electrical fires.
  • Homeowners with pools are rare.


  • It’s not hard to set up and start using.
  • The hose conforms to NFPA requirements and has been pressure tested at 150 PSI.
  • The spray may reach more than 45 feet, allowing firefighters to work from a safe distance.
  • You may have it set up by a professional at a low cost if you take advantage of the installation offer.
  • 80 gallons per minute is expected for the 2.7HP Standard Variable Speed Pool Pump.

Know About The FireFighter1 Shark Tank Update

Bianca Wittenberg and her dad presented their invention, Fire Fighter1, on Season 14 of Shark Tank. In the case of an unanticipated fire, this adapter and hose set will provide people immediate access to their pool’s water.

The device is designed to be used with a pool pump to rapidly spray water over a fire to put it out. Wittenberg negotiated with Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner to receive $150,000 for 25% ownership after initially asking for $150,000 for 15% ownership.

Fire Fighter1 has been sold only through the company’s website since its appearance on Shark Tank. Nylon fabric ensures the durability and longevity of the product. With its high-pressure nozzle, it makes it simple for consumers to put out little flames.

The package comes complete with an installable 3-way diverter and a hard shell carrying case. The 50-foot version of the device costs $369.

Since the 2023 airing of the Shark Tank episode, no new developments have been made in the Fire Fighter 1 franchise. However, you may still buy this item directly from the company’s website.

FireFighter1 Shark Tank Update

Company NameFireFighter1
FounderBianca Wittenberg
ProductFire Hose Connects Pool Pump Quickly
Asked For$150K for a 15% equity
Final Deal$150K for a 25% equity
SharkMark Cuban and Lori Greiner
FireFighter1 Shark Tank Episode Season 14 Episode 8
Air DateDec 2, 2022
Business StatusIn Business
HeadquartersSacramento, California, United States
FireFighter1 Net Worth $500K *estimated
FireFighter1 WebsiteVisit Here
GO TO AMAZONView Product
FireFighter1 Details

FireFighter1 After The Shark Tank Pitch

The Firefighter1 accepted an offer of $150,000 in exchange for 25% ownership from Shark Tank Season 14’s Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner.

The tool, which consists of an adapter and a hose, is designed to provide people access to the water in their pools in case of an emergency.

It’s possible that even after appearing on Shark Tank, the company’s product will only sell to a small, dedicated market. But now that she has two sharks working for her, Bianca Wittenberg can get the word out about her business much more quickly than before.

Fire Fighter1 costs $369 for the 50-foot version and may be purchased solely through the company’s website as of March 2023.

Firefighter1 Net Worth

Now FireFighter1 has not generated many sales despite the fact that the size of the worldwide market for fire safety equipment is said to be on the rise.

FireFighter1 has been depending a little too much on word of mouth for sales, and competition is strong. Their website is a start in the right direction, but they still need to do more advertising.

Firefighter1 is estimated to be worth between $20,000 and $100,000 after considering the company’s financials. The Sharks invested $600,000 into this business at a $600,000 value.

Is FireFighter1 Still In Business?

Yes, FireFighter1 is still in business. The products of this company are limited to fire hoses and accessories. You may get it directly from the company’s website.

Public Safety Company’s legal headquarters are in Sacramento, California, and 2–10 people work there. As of November 2022, Amazon no longer sells fire hoses and other goods made by this company. Only you have access to the online store.


Who founded FireFighter1?

Bianca Wittenberg founded Firefighter1 in 2015.

What is FireFighter1 Net Worth?

Fire Fighter 1 has an estimated net worth of $600,000 right now, but that number might rise when the episode airs because of the show’s increased popularity.

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