What Happened To Kane and Couture After Shark Tank?


Kane and Couture After Shark Tank Update: Amber Lee Forrester has found a way to make your dog look just as good and feel just as good as you when you are out, through Kane and Couture, her line of fashion items that are sure to make your dog the ‘bark’ of the town.

But now the Detroit girl needs the sharks’ help to take her company further with the website development and national distribution.

What Is Kane and Couture?


Kane & Couture is a renowned lifestyle brand that specializes in designing and retailing fashionable and high-quality products for dogs. Their offerings include a wide range of items such as designer collars, leashes, apparel, harnesses, and more.

The brand is known for its commitment to combining style with functionality, ensuring that pets not only look great but also feel comfortable and safe. Kane & Couture pays careful attention to the latest fashion trends and uses durable materials to create products that can withstand everyday use.

Who Is The Founder Of Kane and Couture?

Amber Lee Forrester is the founder of the Kane and Couture company. She is a passionate entrepreneur who has a deep love for both fashion and pets. Before venturing into the pet fashion industry.

Forrester enjoyed a successful career in the financial services industry. However, her love for her own pet dog and her desire to create fashionable accessories for pets inspired her to launch Kane & Couture in 2008.

Kane and Couture Shark Tank Update

Company NameKane and Couture
FounderAmber Lee Forrester
ProductHigh-end fashion items for dogs
Asked For$150k for 33% Equity
Final Deal$150k for 40% Equity
SharkDaymond John
Lori Greiner
Episode (Shark Tank USA)S05 E2
Air DateSept 27, 2013
Business StatusNot In Business
Kane and Couture Net Worth$450k *estimated
Kane and Couture shark tank update and company details

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Kane and Couture on Shark Tank Pitch

Amber Lee Forrester stands in front of the sharks with her tiny but cute dog Kane in her carrier and introduces herself, asking $150,000 for 33% of her startup, Kane and Couture. She explains about her variety of products and shows the sharks two other dogs that are using the products of the company.

Robert asks about sales Amber says that she has sold over $90,000 in sales, which the sharks do not like, with Amber mainly selling online and through her product being displayed at Macy’s, which they do not believe at first. She then shocks the sharks by saying that she projects $1.8million in sales.

Kevin then decides to back out, because there is no scope for the startup as the products are already available everywhere and Robert joins him because he doesn’t think Amber can hit the sales as she projects. Mark is also out.

Lori decided to make an offer but only if Daymond joins in they give offer of $150k for 40% equity. Amber accept the offer.

Kane and Couture Net Worth


The net worth of the Kane and Couture was estimated at $450k at the startup. The current net worth of the company cannot be estimated because the company has completely shut its business down due to unexplainable and unforeseen circumstances and challenges.

Is Kane and Couture still in business?

No, Kane and Couture is Not in the business.

This startup is no longer in business as it had been shuttered in 2019. There do not seem to be many future prospects for the startup or any news if the startup will reopen.


Who founded Kane and Couture?

Amber Lee Forrester is the founder of the Kane and Couture company

What is Kane and Couture net worth?

The Net Worth of Kane and Couture is estimated $450K.

Is Kane and Couture still in business?

No, Kane and Couture is Not in the business.

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