What Happened To Magic Dates After The Shark Tank?


Magic Dates After Shark Tank Update: Magic Dates is a snack-making brand featured in Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 17. So this product of them uses Walnuts and some nutrition ingredients. If we understand it in simple language, then it is completely a natural date-based snack and it is made by inspired by Arab cultures Middle Eastern fruit.

Walnut is a good food of nature, it has a lot of medicinal properties which is very important for the human body. The market value of this walnut is USD 6504 million, the products made through this claim that their product is correct.

What Is Magic Dates?


Magic Dates is a snack startup based in Los Angeles, California, the United States that is made from walnuts, coconut, and some natural ingredients.

The recipe of this is a representation of the Arab cultures and the Middle Eastern fruit. This brand was started in Sep 2016. This product is mostly called a Mixer of Dates + Walnuts.

Who Is The Founder Of Magic Dates?

Diana Jarrar is the founder of Magic Dates. She grew up in Damascus, Syria, her mother is Syrian and her father is from Palestine.

Diana follows traditional food, she has changed the wrinkly, resilient, and sweet fruit to walnut as she likes healthy food. The founder says that she is associated with food and she helps her mother in the kitchen

Magic Dates Shark Tank Update

Company NameMagic Dates
FounderDiana Jarrar
Productdelicious snacks that are good-for-you;
with NO added sugar.
Asked For$150,000 For 10% Equity
Final Deal$150,000 For 33.3% Equity
SharkKevin O’Leary
Episode (Shark Tank USA)S13 E17
Air DateMarch 3, 2023
Business StatusIn Business
Magic Dates Net Worth$450K *estimated
HeadquartersLos Angeles, California, United States
Magic Dates InstagramView Profile
Magic Dates shark tank update and company details

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Magic Dates on Shark tank Pitch

The founder of Dates, Diana Jarrar, pitched her product to Shark with her motivation story in Shark Tank. Diana asked Shark to invest $100,000 in exchange for 10% equity in her company. Kevin invested $150,000 in this startup with 33.3% equity of the company.

Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, Daymond John, and Robert Herjavec talked about a lot of things before investing in this business. Before investing in any business, an investor makes an estimate about its profit because he has his experience.

Magic Dates Net Worth


Magic Date’s net worth right now we think could be $450K. It started in 2016 and has been running for a long time in Los Angeles.

Something special may be necessary for this product as it has been running for more than 5 years and it is also profitable. However, it needs funding to grow now, for which she has come to Shark Tank.

Is Magic Dates Still In Business?

Yes, Magic Dates is still in the business as of January, 2024.

Dates is a Los Angeles-based snack brand made from a nutritional coconut & walnut mix. It started in 2016 and has become many competitors, although they do not have Diana’s secret recipe.

Most of this sale comes through social media marketing, it pays many influencers to promote their product, which they get the more sale.


Who founded Magic Dates?

Diana Jarrar is the founder of Magic Dates.

What is Magic Date net worth?

Magic Date’s net worth is $450K.

Is Magic Dates Still In Business?

Yes, Magic Dates is still in the business as of January, 2024.

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