The Creative and Innovative Content of the Zomato and the Blinkit Billboards Took it to a whole new Level!

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Zomato and Blinkit just merged after the new year and took their promotions for merchandise to a whole new level. They used Bollywood dialogue to perform some of their best strategies and take the connection with the customers to a whole new level.

The collaboration of Blinkit and Zomato has served promotional advertisements and has turned it into an internet sensation.

Creativity That Boosts Longevity!

Along with the tie-up of the parent company, Zomato has reached new scales of height into reaching with their agreements into a height of the latest promotional activities. Previously, Zomato has been always an eye-catcher when it came to the best creative ideas in the market.

Social media is one of the most potent sources of promotional activity in the modern era. The brand has used innovative and creative ideas to share and utilize the power of the internet to spread the activities amongst the crowd of people.

The promotions of the merged brands have become a new trend as many of the brands have also leveraged the idea to turn the innovation into attention seeking instrument.

Old Is The New Black

Blinkit and the parent company Zomato have utilized the promotions and the advertisement campaign to implement one of the most iconic dialogues of Bollywood.

They have turned the famous dialogue of the evergreen movie “Maa Tujhe Salam” released in the year of 2002. The movie had one of the famous dialogues that said “Tum Doodh Mangoge Hum Doodh Denge, Tum Kashmir Mangoge Hum Cheer Denge”.

This meant that if you want milk then we will deliver it, but if you want Kashmir we will destroy you. The dialogue hit the spot of the individuals as it caught their attention and awakened their deep love for the nations of the Indians.

However, Zomato and Blinkit submerged turned this famous dialogue with some witty twists associated with it. Zomato turned this dialogue into “Tum Doodh Mangoge Hum Kheer Denge”. This means that if you want milk, we will deliver “kheer”, which is one of the famous and tasty dairy desserts in India.

Trends To Follow

The reactions of the people and the participation of the different big brands have turned this promotional activity into a larger part of promotions and a source of entertainment.

Different brands have also shared and promoted the billboard via some of the most popular social media platforms and other popular websites. The multinational and giant entertainment brand in the whole world Netflix has also used the billboard and promoted it on Twitter posting the caption “It s a great day to look out at billboards”.

Zomato-and-the-Blinkit -Netflix-Billboards
Netflix Wednesday Marketing Billboard

This is not the end however, they have also utilized this chance to promote the upcoming series “Wednesday” by using the branding caption that said “Friday Mangoge, Wednesday Denge”. Following this trend has made multiple waves over the internet as other popular brands also going in the footstep of Zomato and Blinkit promotions.

Some of the big brands in India like Bajaj Capital turned this dialogue into “Protection Mangoge, Insurance Denge”. The other popular brands in India like PregaNews have also turned this idea into “News Mangoge, Good News Denge” as well.

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