What Happened To Brake Free After Shark Tank?


Brake Free After Shark Tank Update:  This helmet is not connected with any kind of wire and any kind of app user can use this helmet without using any extra thing.

This brake-free light can be easily mounted on any helmet and is very easy to remove. The founder of this unique idea has asked for $200,000 in exchange for 10% of his company’s share in Shark Tank.

The way technology is growing, this new innovation is behind it because it is solving many problems which come in daily life. In today’s time, there are many things which have been solved by technology and this but still there are some things which have not been solved.

What Is Brake Free?


Brake Free United States Base is a light brake technology company. This company makes brake light which is very easily installed in the helmet. This brake is made from some technology algorithm created by the free founder.

This device does not have any kind of fuss, apps, wires, etc. It works through some technical algorithm. Our wireless brake detection technology uses a combination of gyrometer and accelerometers with our powerful and patented brake detection algorithm that can detect any time you’re slowing down: braking, engine braking, or downshifting.

This device is so simple that it can be easily installed and removed. It attaches to any kind of helmet and has 100 ultra-bright LEDs which have a very fancy design. When you are driving and you apply the brakes at the same time, this light becomes bright and gives a signal to the people coming behind.

Who Is The Founder Of Brake Free?

The founders of Break Free are Henry Li And Alex Arkhangelskiy, who are residents of the United States. Henry is a product design engineer working at Facebook as well as worked at Fitbit, August Home Inc. He has very good knowledge about the product, in 2017 he became the co-founder of Break Free Technologies.

Brake Free Shark Tank Update

Company NameBrake Free
FounderHenry Li And Alex Arkhangelskiy
ProductSafety Brake Light Attachment For Motorcycle Helmets
Asked For$200,000 For 10% Equity
Final Deal$200,000 For 20% Equity
SharkDaymond John
Episode (Shark Tank USA)S12 E8
Air DateFeb 23, 2020
Business StatusIn Business
Brake Free Net Worth$2.6M *estimated
HeadquartersSan Francisco, California, USA
Brake Free InstagramView Profile
Brake Free shark tank update and company details

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Brake Free on Shark tank Pitch

The founder of Break Free had done a very good pitch in Shark Tank. Shark had asked him for $200,000 in exchange for 10% of his company’s shares, with a valuation of $2 million.

Shark discussed a lot of things with the founder and also started getting to know about this product feature scope from the founder.

Final Two Sharks Show Interest in this Business Idea Mark Cuban And Robert Herjavec changed 20% of the company’s shares and invested $200,000.

Brake Free Net Worth


When he had a deal in Shark Tank, his valuation was $1 million, but in 2022 it will have a break-free net worth of $2.6 million. The mind of this product is very high, many people are using this product.

Is Brake Free Still In Business?

Yes, Brake Free is still in business as of February 2024.


Who Is The Founder Of Brake Free?

The founders of Break Free are Henry Li And Alex Arkhangelskiy.

What is Brake Free net worth?

Brake free’s net worth is $2.6 Million.

Is Brake Free Still In Business?

Yes, Brake Free is still in business as of February 2024.

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