What Happened To Truffle Shuffle After Shark Tank?


Truffle Shuffle After Shark Tank Update: Families have been able to bond over the kitchen and the table for ages. Everyone, from seasoned chefs to beginners, requires help at some time in their cooking efforts. Classes in cooking are pretty helpful.

However, the procedure becomes more complicated when looking for components. We wrote this Truffle Shuffle review in the hopes that it may be helpful to you as you look for ways to simplify your cooking experience.

What Is Truffle Shuffle?

Since the company’s inception, Truffle Shuffle has been catering to the gastronomic needs of individuals all over the world, including professional chefs, enthusiast cooks, and foodies. 

The company’s focus is on imparting knowledge about the preparation of truffles, whose distinctive scent and flavor are certain to attract foodies.


  • You can cook like Michelin Star chefs at home.
  • Before class, you’ll receive all the necessary and hard-to-find components, such as truffle-based salt.
  • You may arrange a private session and have ingredients sent to you and your friends or family.
  • A one-hour online cooking lesson costs $25–100 (without ingredients).
  • Experienced chefs will teach you how to cook.


Truffle Shuffle is a terrific opportunity to interact and enjoy cuisine during the epidemic, but other individuals prefer on-site cooking classes. The items and services may have certain drawbacks:

  • Budget-friendly but pricey.
  • This experience aids beginners the most.

Who Is The Founder Of Truffle Shuffle?

Tyler Vorce (Right) and Jason McKinney Founder Of Truffle Shuffle

Chefs Jason McKinney and Tyler Vorce, as well as Jason’s wife Sarah, established the business. They first became interested in truffles when employed at The French Laundry in Napa Valley, which is known as one of the world’s finest restaurants. 

The trio couldn’t believe how the truffles made a standard meal spectacular.

Know About the Truffle Shuffle Shark Tank Update

Chefs and home cooks may take convenient cooking lessons for truffles and other foods on the simple online platform Truffle Shuffle.

The business was founded in 2018, and its initial focus was on selling truffle products to restaurants and grocery stores in California. When the pandemic hit, however, the restaurant had to close, and truffle sales stopped up.


Since its truffles spoil quickly, the company’s co-founders, Jason McKinney, and Tyler Vorce, turned to an online cooking class.

Truffle Shuffle appeared on the 21st episode of Season 12 of Shark Tank when they made a deal with Mark Cuban for $2.7 million.

Since then, the company’s revenues have skyrocketed from $486,000. In 2020 to $1,400,000. 

In 2021. In addition to increasing their class offerings, Truffle Shuffle is now available in 75% of all Whole Foods stores.

As of the month of August 2022, you won’t be able to find Truffle 

Shuffle’s meal packages in any of the Whole Foods locations near you. 

Still, customers may place online orders for meal packages from the business.

After their Shark Tank deal, the founders of Truffle Shuffle knew they had to do whatever they needed to make their business a success.

Truffle Shuffle Shark Tank Update

Company NameTruffle Shuffle
FounderJason McKinney and Tyler Vorce
ProductCooking classes and meal kit delivery
Asked For$500k for 5% equity
Final Deal$501k for 18% equity
SharkMark Cuban
Truffle Shuffle Shark Tank Episode S12 E21
Air DateApril 16, 2021
Business StatusIn Business
HeadquartersOakland, California, United States
Truffle Shuffle Net Worth$10M Estimated
Truffle Shuffle InstagramView Profile
Truffle Shuffle Shark Tank And Company Details

Another Shark Tank Pitch:

Truffle Shuffle on Shark Tank Pitch


After social distancing regulations were eliminated, the founders had to decide whether to return to their old business model or keep it. 

Season 12 Sharks Jason and Tyler requested $500,000 for 5%. The company had strong margins and expanding sales, and the guys started the pitch well. The company has cash flow issues despite $1.4 million in sales.

Robert Herjavec was the only one to offer $500,000 for 20%. The developers hoped to partner with Mark Cuban once he showed interest. Cuban made a $501,000 18% investment alone.

Truffle Shuffle After Shark Tank

Since its appearance on the show “Shark Tank,” the company has continued to see growth and has maintained its direct-to-consumer business strategy. 

Despite the fact that they went with Cuban, Robert would have been a far better partner, given that Mark’s portfolio is too extensive to allow him to give up much time to these individuals.

At this time, 75 % of Whole Foods stores carry products from the truffle company. 

Amazon and TruffleShufflesf.com, the company’s official website, both provide online shopping options for those interested in purchasing the company’s products.

Truffle Shuffle has successfully developed a robust community through the delivery of regular online culinary sessions. On Facebook, 58 users have given them a rating of 4.8 stars out of 5. 

Although Truffle Shuffle has not disclosed any recent sales data, the company may be bringing in anywhere between $3 and $4 million annually in revenue. 

The value of the business is currently estimated to be $6 million, and it has a staff of 26 employees.

Truffle Shuffle Net Worth

Mark was able to negotiate the deal with Truffle Shuffle at a valuation of $2.7 million. The value of Truffle Shuffle is estimated to be $15 million, according to some sources. 

The market for online cooking classes has given rise to a large number of businesses, which has led to an increase in the level of competition in this sector.

Is Truffle Shuffle Still In Business?

Yes, the company is still operating and has been for more than a year. Truffle Shuffle is now run by Jason McKinney and Tyler Vorce, who are also the owners of the business. 

After making an appearance on Shark Tank, they moved from being a platform for cooking classes to becoming a private event catering service. They even sell their own truffles and mixes!

Truffle Shuffle Competitors

The Geffen Stayhouse’s Bollywood Kitchen provides comparable services and classes. Their specialty is Indian cuisine. Not everyone wants this service. The Bollywood Kitchen charges similarly to Truffle Shuffle. Thus, it may be a wonderful choice for Indian cooking classes.


Who Founded Truffle Shuffle?

Chefs Jason McKinney, Tyler Vorce, and Jason’s wife, Sarah, developed an interest in truffles while working at Napa Valley’s The French Laundry.

What is Truffle Shuffle Net Worth?

Truffle Shuffle Net Worth is $10M Estimated.

Is there a Truffle Shuffle deal?

A deal was made for Truffle Shuffle on Shark Tank.

Is Truffle Shuffle Still In Business?

Yes, the company is still operating and has been for more than a year.

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