What Happened To Brass Roots After Shark Tank?


Brass Roots After Shark Tank: The number of people who are allergic to peanuts has more than tripled in the past several years, which has led to schools banning tree nuts and peanuts. Aaron Gailmor had the goal of developing an alternative to the foods that are typically responsible for the most frequent nut allergies. 

Sacha inchi seeds, sometimes referred to as the Incan peanut, are used in the production of his snack food brand, Brass Roots. On the 14th season of Shark Tank, would the Sharks offer him a deal? Find out in this updated version of brass roots on shark tank.

Who Is The Founder Of Brass Roots?

Aaron Gailmor, the current Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Brass Roots attended the Boston College Carroll School of Management to receive his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Economics. 

After that, he was promoted through the ranks at Citi, first to the position of Associate and then to Investment Analyst. In addition to that, he spent the summer studying at Liberty Mutual Group as a Financial Analyst Intern. Aaron is hardly an expert when it comes to the world of business. Additionally, he was a co-founder of SuperEats, a firm that specialized in the production of high-protein Puffs.

Brass Roots Shark Tank Update

Company NameBrass Roots
FounderAaron Gailmor
ProductSnacks lines made from Sacha Inchi Seed.
Asked For$400K for 7% equity
Final DealNo Deals
SharkNo Sharks
Episode – Shark Tank USA S14 E12
Air DateJan 20, 2023
Business StatusIn Business
HeadquartersNew Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Lifetime Worth (Sales)$2.2M *estimated
WATCH ONAmazon Prime
Brass Roots Shark Tank Update

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Brass roots on shark tank

The mildly salted Sacha Inchi Seeds are now Brass Roots’ best-selling product. Manufacturing one bag costs roughly $5, while selling it for $17.99.

Daymond The price tag took John by surprise. Even though four of the sharks left quickly, Daniel Lubetzky was still thinking about making an offer. The business didn’t seem investable to him, so he quit.

Aaron was unsuccessful in his attempt to close a business contract. What occurred when Brass Roots got forced off the Shark Tank without a deal? Read on for the latest Brass Roots information! 

What Happened to Brass Roots after shark tank?

The 2019 launch of Brass Roots has been met with great success. What began as a healthful snack with a purpose quickly grew to attention as a favorite among those on the ketogenic diet and those with nut allergies of various kinds. 

It’s no surprise that the vegan brand grew by 100% in the first year, quarter after quarter. John B. Sanfilippo & Son Incorporation, maker and seller of the Fisher Brand, invested $1,000,000 in the firm, marking the company’s first major milestone.

The Mercy Foundation, which aims to improve the lives of low-income people in Thailand and Laos via programs for community development and educational opportunities, is a long-standing partner of the company.

What Are Brass Roots Net Worth?

Brass Roots Net Worth is $5.7 million. The snacks manufactured by this company are all-natural. Some snack-related companies have obtained funding for brass roots shark tank.

Brass roots shark tank participant and snack manufacturer Quevos made $2 million in sales in 12 months.

Is Brass Roots Still In Business?

Yes, Brass Roots is still doing business as of January 2023.

The company, which is located in New Orleans, makes healthy snacks with an emphasis on protein, fiber, and omega-3. The “Sacha Inchi Seeds” used in this snack are a source of protein.

All four of those grocery stores as well as Wegman’s and Amazon, carry these snack brands.

Many media outlets, including Forbes, Foodtank, Trendhunter, VegNews, and many more, have profiled the company’s products.


What Is Brass Roots?

Brass Roots is a snack food company established in New Orleans, and the company’s snack lines are made using Sacha Inchi Seeds. In order to source Sacha Inchi Seeds from Thailand and Laos, this company has teamed up with Farmer Chan.

Who Founded the Brass Roots?

Aaron Gailmor founded Brass Roots in 2019.

How Much Is Brass Roots Worth?

Brass Roots Snacks has a current market value of $5.7 million.

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