What Happened To Create a Castle After Shark Tank?


Create a Castle After Shark Tank Update: Have you ever gone to the beach with your kids and struggled to build a sandcastle? A solution to this problem has just been introduced in the form of the new Create a Castle, which was presented during Shark Tank Season 14 Episode 3.

What Is Create a Castle?

During the making of a sandcastle using a conventional fill and flip bucket, it is common for sand particles to adhere to the inside surface of the bucket, resulting in an unorganized condition during the castle-building process. In contrast to a conventional sand bucket, the Create A Castle Kit has divided molds that facilitate the making of attractive sand or snow buildings within a limited timeframe. 

The building process of the Create A Castle kit involves fastening the mold, subsequently filling it with sand from the uppermost part, and ultimately disengaging the mold to unveil the newly formed portion of the castle. 


  • With separate molds, the product is adaptable.
  • The current starting kit costs $10.00.
  • It works on snow and sand, making it a fantastic activity for any weather.
  • The company sells “Magic Sand” to avoid beach waits. It’s home-useable.
  • Retailers continue to carry the brand.


  • The company has no disadvantages.

Who Is The Founder Of Create a Castle?

Create a Castle Founder Kevin Lane (Left) and Laurie Lane

Kevin and Laurie Lane are a married couple now residing in New Milford, Connecticut. Limited information is available on the educational history of the partner.

However, it is known that Laurie obtained a degree in retail management from the University of Connecticut.

Laurie began her career as a shop manager at The Gap. Additionally, she was appointed as a district manager for The Walt Disney Company. Subsequently, she assumed the role of an independent holiday planner at MEI-Travel & Mouse Fan Travel.

Kevin has a lot of expertise in web design and was hired at Digital Madness for his first position in the field. Subsequently, he secured employment with prominent organizations such as LifeCare, WebMediaBrands, and Jupitermedia. 

In the year 2010, the individual initiated the establishment of his first enterprise, Code Hounds, where his spouse assumed the role of an account manager.

Know About the Create a Castle Shark Tank Update

Create a Castle Company has gone into a partnership with Kendra Scott. Kendra Scott has exceptional proficiency in brand creation, showcasing her expertise as a highly-skilled entrepreneur. 

The involvement of Shark will contribute to the enhancement of this business’s brand on both a national and worldwide scale.

According to the entrepreneur, the company is projected to be sold for an estimated price of $3 million in the year 2022, with an anticipated profit of $300,000.

Create a Castle Shark Tank Update

Company NameCreate a Castle
FounderKevin Lane and Laurie Lane
ProductCreate a Castle using sand in less time
Asked For$350K for a 10% equity
Final Deal$350K for a 20% equity
SharkKendra Scott
Create a Castle Shark Tank Episode S14 E3
Air DateOct 7, 2022
Business StatusIn Business
HeadquartersBridgewater, Connecticut, US
Create a Castle Net Worth$6.6M Estimated
Create A Castle InstagramView Profile
GO TO AMAZONView Product
Create A Castle Shark Tank And Company Details

Another Shark Tank Pitch:

Create a Castle on Shark Tank Pitch


The creator of Create a Castle, Kevin Lane, came up with the concept for his creation in 2016 while visiting a Californian beach.

He observed a father and son’s sand castles crumble. Kevin dedicated a substantial amount of time to constructing complex sand structures and came to the realization that achieving high-quality sand castles using the conventional “fill and flip bucket” method was unattainable.

Create a Castle requested $350,000 for 10% stock at a $3.5 million valuation on Shark Tank Season 14 Episode 3. The sharks expressed their admiration for the idea but criticized Create a Castle for its limited use as a seasonal summer-based offering.

However, Kevin had an answer the castle-building kits work in the snow and on the beach. The sharks exhibited a notable level of interest upon discovering the existence of many methods for constructing sand and snow castles.

Create A Castle launched on HSN Online in November 2022 after Shark Tank investor Kendra Scott invested.

Create a Castle After Shark Tank

Since their episode aired in October 2022, sales have increased. In an interview, Kevin Lane said that in order to meet customer demand, the organization has been working through all of the time. 

After Sam’s Club and Costco Canada started carrying the company’s wares, sales jumped to about $3 million that year.

In the United States, you can purchase their goods through major retailers like Amazon and Target as well as speciality shops like CreateACastle.com and even certain stores. 

Because of the agreement they negotiated with TOMY, their products are now available in stores across Australia just in time for the holiday shopping season. Australia is a great market for business because of its many stunning beaches.

Over at Amazon, 370+ customers have given the Build a Castle app a collective 4.3/5 stars. The current market value of Create a Castle is $2,000,000. 

Create a Castle Net Worth


This entertainment company makes castle building easy. They had strong sales early on. Create a Castle is worth $1.5 million.

Is Create a Castle Still In Business?

As of August 2023, it can be determined that Create a Castle keeps running as a functioning business.


Who Founded Create a Castle?

The development of a Castle was initiated by Kevin and Laurie Lane. Bridgewater, Connecticut, serves as the company’s office.

What is Create a Castle Net Worth?

Create a Castle Net Worth is $6.6M.

Is Create a Castle Still In Business?

Yes, Create a Castle is still in business.

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