What Happened To Diaper Dust After Shark Tank?


Diaper Dust After Shark Tank Update: Diaper Dust is a diaper power brand that works on the smell it takes to change a child’s diaper. Parents love their children very much and they do everything for their children which is right for them. This diaper dust helps to prevent the smell that comes from the child’s diaper, it can be a good product for every parent.

There is very little product to stop the smell from the diaper, people use fragrance power to stop the smell from the diaper, which does not work every time. This product is an alternative to all that.

What Is Diaper Dust?


Diaper Dust Winterville, North Carolina Base is a company that manufactures the power used to smell baby diapers. This startup was started in 2018 by Unofficial. Looking at the diaper of her child, the founder came up with the idea to make such a product.

This power tackles dirty diaper smells in revolutionary ways. This product contains a mixture of sodium bicarbonate and activated charcoal which makes great power. You don’t need to buy diaper piles and plastic bags right now.

Who Is The Founder Of Diaper Dust?

Regina Crisc is the founder of this parent company, she came up with the idea to make this product in 2018. The founder became a nurse after completing her Associate of Arts and Sciences – AAS, Registered Nursing/Registered Nurse from Frederick Community College.

She said I have worked in hospitals as an IMC contract nurse for the last three years at a Level 1 trauma center serving the wonderful people of Eastern North Carolina.

We tried everything from double bagging, to fragrances, to top-of-the-line diaper pails and nothing was controlling the smell. The pail would trap the odor, only to just absorb it in the plastic.  To solve all these problems, the founder got the idea to make this product.

Diaper Dust Shark Tank Update

Company NameDiaper Dust
FounderRegina Crisci
ProductDeodorizing Powder
Asked For$75k For 40% Equity
Final Deal$75k For 40% Equity
SharkMark Cuban
Episode (Shark Tank USA)S13 E14
Air DateFeb 25, 2022
Business StatusIn Business
Diaper Dust Net Worth$0.1M *estimated
HeadquartersWinterville, North Carolina, United States
Diaper Dust InstagramView Profile
Diaper Dust shark tank update and company details

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Kudos On Shark Tank Pitch

Shark was seen taking a lot of interest in the diaper dust product, he asked the founder a lot about it. She got a very good response after reaching Shark Tank, Founder was expecting that the sale of his product was going to increase after Shark Tank.

On her Instagram, she has shared some information about the impact that her startup has had after Shark Tank. She had received a lot of orders for this product from the United States, apart from this she got many queries from Canada for this product.

Mark has invested in this diaper company and he will try to grow this company. After Shark Tank, Regina had shared a photo on Instagram in which she was packaging Thousand of Products.

The Diaper Dust Net Worth


This company raised investment in Shark Tank as a valuation of only $187k because this company did not generate much good revenue. This company’s annual growth rate was also not very good, so we think the Diaper Dust company’s worth can be from $0.1 million to $0.3 million.

Is Diaper Dust Still In Business?

Yes, Diaper Dust is still in business as of May 2023.

The business of diaper dust is going on since 2018 till now, no problem has come, however, some problems were faced in the Covid19 pandemic time.

This is a small low product, its sales numbers, profit margins, demand is not that much. Right now its competitors are very few.


Who founded Diaper Dust?

Diaper Dust is founded by Regina Crisci, a nurse from Profession.

What Is The Diaper Dust Net Worth?

The current worth of Diaper Dust Company is $0.1 million.

Is Diaper Dust Still In Business?

Yes, Diaper Dust is still in business as of May 2023.

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