What Happened To Banana Loca After Shark Tank?


Banana Loca After Shark Tank Update: How long has it been since you craved flavored bananas? If you’re a fan of bananas with Nutella, you’ve probably heard of a device that removes the banana’s core and fills it with the hazelnut spread. In Season 13 of “Shark Tank,” Renee Heath and Bechara Jaoudeh pitched their invention, Banana Loca.

What Is Banana Loca?


Banana Loca is a kitchen gadget for stuffing bananas with all sorts of delights. First, the banana is placed in the straightener and held in place with one hand; then, the core is inserted into the banana, the banana is twisted, and its outer clip, which contains extra banana, is pushed into the core to pore it out; finally, the fillings are inserted into the banana using the nozzle. So, that’s how you enjoy Banana Loca.


  • Innovative kitchen item
  • No mess
  • Flavors bananas
  • Good for kids
  • Saves time


  • It takes longer to clean.

Who Is The Founder Of Banana Loca?

Banana Loca Founder Renee Heath (Left) and Bechara Jaouden

Bechara Jaoudeh and Reene Heath, two young entrepreneurs and best friends who met at a trade event and shared a common interest in digital marketing, conceived and created Banana Loca. 

They wanted to create a fun and cool kitchen gadget that helps in filling various stuff inside the banana because they love eating bananas with fillings for snacks but find it difficult to put fillings inside the banana, and filling anything inside the banana is very time-consuming.

As a result, Banana Loca was created.

Know About the Banana Loca Shark Tank Update

Banana Loca lets users stuff bananas with peanut butter and Nutella. On Shark Tank Season 13, Episode 9, creators Renee Heath and Bechara Jaoudeh requested $250,000 for 25% equity.

The creators accepted $250,000 for 25% equity and a $3/unit royalty until the investment was repaid by Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary.

Banana Loca earned $134,000 in five months at $26.99 after appearing on Shark Tank. Customers liked the first batch of products supplied in January 2021, and the company has grown.

The transaction with Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary has not been consummated as of December 2022, and the company’s website gives no updates.

Banana Loca Shark Tank Update

Company NameBanana Loca
FounderRenee Heath and Bechara Jaouden
ProductBanana coring and filling tool
Asked For$250k for 25% Equity
Final Deal$250k for 25% equity + $3 royalty till $250,000 is returned
SharkKevin O’Leary and Mark Cuban
Banana Loca Shark Tank Episode S13 E9
Air DateDec 17, 2021
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website
HeadquartersPennsylvania, United States
Banana Loca Net Worth$1.6M Estimated
Banana Loca InstagramView Profile
GO TO AMAZONView Product
Banana Loca Shark Tank And Company Update

Another Shark Tank Pitch:

Banana Loca After Shark Tank


After the show, demand and sales skyrocket since everyone wants one of these handy gadgets for their homes. The show’s airing resulted in a one hundredfold increase in orders for the company.

They worked hard to get their deliveries out the door on time.

In just one year following the show, they successfully fulfilled 10,000 orders. In a shorter amount of time, sharks get money back from it.

They expanded into other online marketplaces to offer their products, like Amazon and others. Price increases ranged from $26.99 to $28.99. 

They launched their Kickstarter campaign a few months later, in May 2020, and gained $13,958. That product shipments began in January 2021

Banana Loca Net Worth

Following its successful funding on the TV show Shark Tank, Banana 

Loca’s estimated value reached $0.5 million. Following the purchase of financing, the company experienced a significant increase in sales as a result of their effective implementation of paid marketing strategies.

Is Banana Loca Still In Business?

Banana Loca is still available for $28.99 on the company’s website and via retailers like Amazon. 

The Banana Loca can be used and assembled with the help of the website, which is designed with families in mind. 

After hearing the feedback from dissatisfied customers, the packaging was updated to include a QR code depicting a banana holding a stop sign.

Is there a Banana Loca Shark Tank deal?


On Season 13 of Shark Tank, businesswomen Renee Heath and Bechara Jaouden pitched their banana coring and filling gadget.

Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary agreed to contribute $250,000 in exchange for 25% ownership in exchange for equity and $3 per unit in royalties until their money is returned.

The company declared in a press release that they were satisfied with their new partners despite the lack of evidence that the deal had been concluded.


Who Founded Banana Loca?

Bechara Jaoudeh and Renee Heath are the proud creators of Banana Loca.

What is Banana Loca Net Worth?

Banana Loca net worth is $1.6M.

Is Banana Loca Still In Business?

Since Banana Loca’s products are the only ones of their kind on the market, consumers continue to buy them whenever they have a need for them.

Is it simple to use Banana Loca?

Yes. They need only insert the first tube into their banana; its walls have been cut to ensure a secure fit.

Can Banana Loca succeed?

Banana Loka was already making money before it appeared on Shark Tank.

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