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About Free E-Commerce Legal Essentials Book: To start a lawful e-commerce business in India, you must register your company. There are various business structures to choose from, each with its own set of restrictions and perks. 

Types Of Company Registrations in India

Sole Proprietorship Registration: Ideal for individuals who manage their businesses, allowing for easy establishment and operation.

Partnership Firm Registration is intended for enterprises with two or more partners whose roles and profit-sharing are outlined in a partnership deed.

One-Person Company Registration: Limits liability to the individual who manages the business operations.

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP): A combination of partnership and corporation that provides its partners with limited liability.

Private Limited Company Registration: One of the most frequent categories, controlled by the Companies Act of 2013, with a minimum of two directors and shareholders.

Public Limited Company Registration is similar to private limited corporations, except shares can be traded on a stock exchange.

Section 8 Company Registration is special design for non-profit organizations that focus on charity aims rather than playing dividends to members.

Flipkart & Amazon Seller Registration

For Flipkart Seller Registration, ensure meet the minimal requirements, which including GST registration, a PAN card, business registration (if applicable), and a current bank account.

Individuals, partnerships, limited liability partnerships, and registered businesses are eligible to apply for Amazon Seller Registration. This registration requires a valid PAN card, company registration, an active bank account, and GST registration.

Remember that you must conduct extensive study and consulting before starting your e-commerce business. With the appropriate methodology and legal compliance, you’ll be well on your way to establishing a profitable online business in India. Happy selling!

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