What Happened To Long Table Pancakes After The Shark Tank?


Long Table Pancakes Shark Tank: Even while the name “Long Table” probably doesn’t make you think of pancakes, that’s what this business is all about. Samuel Taylor, a Chicago native and current company owner, enters the Shark Tank for investment. Lori Grenier is from the Chicago City. Learn about Samuel Taylor and Long Table right away.

What is Long-Table Pancakes and who is the founder of Long-Table Pancakes?

Samuel Taylor started Long Table Pancakes in February 2015 as a Chicago-based manufacturer of small amounts of pancake mix. Samuel Taylor is the company’s owner, founder, and CEO.

Using heirloom grains procured directly from regenerative farmers, the company produces vegan, healthful, and delectable pancakes. Organic maple syrup is also made by Long Table Pancakes.

Long Table Pancakes Products

Among the many pancake mixes provided by Long Table Pancakes are the heirloom popcorn flour-based Popcorn Pancake & Waffle Mix, the blue corn-based Blue Corn Pancake & Waffle Mix, the gluten-free Organic Sorghum Flour-based Gluten-Free Pancake & Waffle Mix, and the Single-Source Rye Pancake & Waffle Mix with Dark Bono.

The group partners with local Midwestern farms to provide the freshest grains to local mills.

What Happened to Shark Tank’s Long Table Pancakes?

In Episode 10 of Shark Tank Season 14, Samuel Taylor of Long Table Pancakes pitched his business to the investors and requested $140,000 in exchange for 15% ownership at a valuation of $0.933 million.

Mark Cuban stepped out because he didn’t like the company’s name, while Kevin O’Leary was interested but backed out for several reasons, including the absence of a social media presence.

Ultimately, no one was interested in making a deal, and Samuel had to go empty-handed.

Long Table Pancakes’ website crashed again after being visited by hundreds of Shark Tank viewers.

Even if the Sharks didn’t invest, their pancakes are still a hit with customers. As of 2023, the value of Long Table Pancakes has increased to $900,000. Pancake mixtures are sold in 20 different grocery stores in and around Chicago, as well as online.

What Happened to Shark Tank’s Long Table Pancakes?

Chicago’s Long Table Pancakes has been supplied in multiple independent supermarkets.

This only makes up a minor fraction of total sales, with most of them coming through their own website. Their website boasts multiple five-star ratings for many of their packages.
After Shark Tank, What Happened to Long Table Pancakes?

Long table pancakes shark tank get more than ten thousand orders in the first three days after their appearance on Shark Tank.

Samuel Taylor’s company is thriving even though the “Sharks” passed on investing in it.

As things stand, Samuel’s company is doing better than ever, and 2023 has all the makings of becoming Long Table’s greatest year yet.

Long table pancakes shark tank Update

Company nameLong Table Pancakes
Long table pancakes shark tank EpisodeSeason 14 Episode 10
Air DateJan 6, 2023
ProductOrganic and vegan pancakes & Waffle Mix
FounderSamuel Taylor
Asked for$140K for a 15% equity
Final dealNo offer 
SharkNo shark
Long Table Pancakes Net worth (2023) 933,000 USD
Long Table Pancakes Net worth before Shark Tank933,000 USD (business valuation)
Business statusIn Business
LocationUnited States, Chicago, Illinois
Long Table Pancakes InstagramView Profile
Long Table Pancakes WebsiteVisit Website
Long table pancakes shark tank Update

Another Shark Tank Pitch:

Long Table Pancakes Net worth

Samuel Taylor started a company in 2015 named Long Table Pancakes, which sells healthy pancakes and waffle mixes. Pancake mixes, waffle mixes, and maple syrup are all sourced from reputable farmers that specialize in heritage grains.

On Shark Tank Season 14, Episode 10 turned down Samuel Taylor’s request for $140,000 in exchange for 15% stock at a $0.933 million valuation. Long Table’s yearly income peaked between 2015 and 2019 at over $20,000.

Long Table Pancakes has seen incredible growth and success since appearing on Shark Tank, but the company was still looking for a contract.
Their website garnered 5-star reviews for multiple bundles. Long Table Pancakes will be a $900,000 business in 2023.

Because of their appearance on Shark Tank, they were able to raise more money and form more strategic partnerships, ultimately resulting in higher sales.

Is Long Table Pancakes Still In Business?

As of January 2023, Long Table Pancakes is still working. The company is sure to have its biggest year ever after receiving over 10,000 orders after appearing on Shark Tank Season 14.

The pancakes and organic maple syrup at Long Table Pancakes are vegan, nutritious, and delicious. Nothing they sell has any synthetic ingredients or pesticides. The market for pancakes is predicted to be worth $1.36 billion by 2025.


What Is Long Table Pancakes?

Long Table Pancakes is based in Chicago, Illinois. Pancakes of various flavors and organic maple syrup are produced by this company.

Who is the founder of Long Table Pancakes?

Samuel Taylor is the founder of Long Table Pancakes.

What is Long Table Pancakes Net worth?

The total Long Table Pancakes Net worth is calculated to be $933,000 USD.

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