What Happened To Toor After Shark Tank?


Have you ever experimented with the next generation of real estate? An app allows you to take a tour with a guide at your own pace while the entire experience is managed by the app. Toor is the future generation and the technical breakthrough in the real estate market, and we are pleased to introduce it to you.

What Is Toor?

The Toor Smart Lockbox is a gadget that lets people get to your residence’s keys using a smartphone app, even when you’re not there. This makes it easy to give maintenance services like cleaning, laundry, and pool services access to your home while you’re on vacation. 

The app also brings together local MLS listings for the convenience of real estate professionals.

Who Is The Founder Of Toor?

Junior Desinor Founder Of Toor

Junior Designer is the man behind the creation and leadership of the lockbox. After the launch of Toor in 2018, Junior Desinor and his wife also co-founded an oil firm called City Natural, which they run together.

Know About the Toor Shark Tank Update

Desinor begins the presentation by recounting his life narrative and then invites Barbara to take the stage with them. After that, he gives a presentation about the product to the panel of judges and responds to any questions they might have.

Is it Kevin who wants to know what happens if someone doesn’t return the key, and if so, does the initial inquiry come from him? The correct response is that the owner of the property is informed of the situation. 

Lori offers her assistance and expresses her concern with the unattended visitors that are now in her home. She is of the opinion that the seller should hire an agency.

The next person to have a concern about sales is Kevin. Only 800 boxes of their smart lock technology were sold during their Kickstarter campaign, the sole source of revenue for the company.

The price of the product, however, is $199, despite the fact that it only costs $50 to make. 

Chris is uncertain as to whether or not the product incorporates cutting-edge technology. Lori is the first shark to pass on the opportunity because she believes that it is too soon to make an investment. Mark decides to leave since he believes that he has no understanding of the real estate sector.

Toor Shark Tank Update

Company NameToor
FounderJunior Desinor
FoundedMrach 2016
ProductSmart locks controlled via app
Asked For$500k for 10% equity
Final DealMarch 2016
SharkBarbara and Kevin
Toor Shark Tank Episode S8 E8
Air DateMarch 3, 2023
Business StatusNot Active
Toor Net Worth$2 Million USD
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Another Shark Tank Pitch:

Toor on Shark Tank Pitch

Moreover, the Junior Designer, driven by the desire to streamline the home visiting process for buyers, sellers, and real estate brokers, introduces Toor on the highly anticipated Shark Tank. 

In his pitch, he confidently requests a $500,000 investment, offering a 10% stake in his company, which currently boasts a valuation of $5 million. With enthusiasm, he showcases the innovative features of Toor and diligently responds to the Sharks’ inquiries, leaving no stone unturned.

Kevin offers $100,000 in exchange for 10% of the business and a loan of $400,000 at 18% interest.

Barbara says she’d like to join Kevin’s deal if the product is sold in a big shop and Junior offers $250,000 in exchange for 10% equity and a $250,000 loan.

In the end, they agree on $200,000 for 10% ownership and a $300,000 credit line. Junior has a deal when he leaves the pitch.

Toor After Shark Tank

The presentation that Junior and his company gave in The Shark Tank ended up being very successful, as we can see here. Following his appearance on the show, he received a tremendous amount of publicity, which enabled him to close more agreements and expand the company.

Toor Net Worth

On an episode of “Shark Tank,” the founder of Toor, Junior Designer, requested an investment of $500,000 in exchange for 10% ownership of his company, which had a market value of $5 million. He gives a demonstration of the product and then responds to the Sharks’ queries.

The company’s valuation decreased from $5 million to $2 million after getting investments from two of the Sharks, Barbara, and Kevin.

Is Toor Still In Business?

As of today, No Toor is dead because it is no longer in business. The company saw that it was making a lot of sales at first and wanted to keep doing that with the help of Barbara and Kevin, but it never happened.

Junior Desinor’s Toor smart lockbox is unavailable for purchase at this time, but Desinor does not list this project as inactive on LinkedIn. But it’s true that the main Toor app and social media haven’t been updated in a long time.

Toor Competitors

Dallas Safecracker LLC, Zixcorp Systems, Inc., and Zix Corporation are Toor’s main competitors.


Who Founded Toor?

Junior Desinor is founder of Toor.

What is Toor Net Worth?

Toor’s Net Worth is estimated at 2 Million USD.

Is Toor Still In Business?

No Toor is Inactive in business today.

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