What Happened To Spergo After Shark Tank?


Spergo After Shark Tank Net Worth Update: Can you tell your own story? Are you updating your perspective, as well as that of your generation, in light of new information about awareness? All of this, by the way, has been accomplished by a 15-year-old business genius who is slowly but surely altering the perspectives of today’s young people one stitch at a time.

I’d want to take a moment right now to introduce you to the man who started Spergo, a high-end clothing company for inclusive young people. Trey Brown is a young man who is grounded, strong, and focused.

What Is Spergo?


Spergo is a luxury fashion brand that draws its inspiration from the strengths of bravery, determination, perseverance, and willpower. As a result of combining the words “Sports,” “Heroes,” and “Go,” the term “Spergo” was created. The company’s products are aimed at ambitious people who refuse to give up.

Clothes from Spergo are designed for highly motivated people who want to live stylish lives without sacrificing comfort. It’s a killer ensemble to fuel your victorious mindset.


  • Quality material
  • High-quality clothes 
  • Sports star-backed


  • Limited market reach

Who Is The Founder Of Spergo?

Trey Brown, a 12-year-old with a vision for the millions, launched his company, Spergo, using $178 he received as a birthday present. Trey also designed the company’s logo and 16 t-shirts. His dedication was recognized when all 16 of his initial t-shirts sold out in record time.

Know About the Spergo Shark Tank Update

Following the broadcast of this episode of Shark Tank, this company had a significant boost in sales and received widespread praise as a source of inspiration for everybody. 

Within a span of one week following the episode’s airing, this company had amassed approximately 1,000 orders. 

The entrepreneur established his retail business at the Pentagon City Mall in Arlington. As of 2021, the company achieved sales of roughly $2.5 million. 

Spergo Shark Tank Update

Company NameSpergo
FounderTrey Brown
ProductUnisex luxury designer clothing line
Asked For$300k for a 10% equity
Final Deal$300k for a 20% equity
SharkDaymond John
Spergo Shark Tank Episode S13 E5
Air DateNov 5, 2021
Business StatusIn Business
HeadquartersPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Spergo Net Worth$6.5M Estimated
Spergo InstagramVisit Profile
Spergo Shark Tank And Comapny Details

Spergo on Shark Tank Pitch

Trey Brown and his mom, Sherell Peterson, pitched the idea of selling a 10% stake in their company, Spergo, to the sharks for $300,000.

Why does it dial Spergo? Kevin asked. It doesn’t matter what your career is as long as you work hard every day. That’s Spergo. Trey has begun clarifying the jumble of terms he said.

Can you tell me how much some of these things cost? Asked Robert. Sherell mentioned that they made the Leo swat suit for $21.50. The retail price is $170. “It’s a high-end product,” Sherell confirmed.

Trey boasted, “I have almost 89,000 followers on Instagram,” and Lori said in surprise.

Robert then said, “what are the overall sales today?” also, “Our entire sales have reached $1.8 million to date,” Trey proudly announced. “Wait a minute, did you say 1.8 million?” she said in surprise.

When Robert repeated the question, both Trey and Sherell responded positively.

Spergo’s sales are $40k in its first year (2018), $130k in 2019 and $745k in 2020. Robert gasped with surprise and exclaimed, “What..!!! The projected income for Spergo in 2018 is $2,250,000.

POS accounts for 70% of revenues for Spergo, while eCommerce accounts for the remaining 30%. Mr. Sean Diddy Combs helped them with both money and publicity as they built their first physical location.


Spergo After Shark Tank

Within five days of the shark tank episode, Spergo had gotten roughly a thousand internet orders. Now, every week, the business receives between 40 and 60 online orders.

The Spergo network now reaches the whole United States, with hubs in Arlington, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. 

The company has expanded into the global market by offering worldwide shipping. 

Additionally, they have introduced footwear and accessories such as socks, caps, and beanies for males, females, and children.

The partnership with Daymond is still active and has resulted in sales of $2.5 million by 2021.

Spergo Net Worth


After appearing on Shark Tank, Spergo Net Worth was at $1.5 million, even though the entrepreneur had asked for $3 million. This company’s sales growth rate is extremely high, and excessive expansion is not always desirable.

Is Spergo Still In Business?

Yes, Spergo is still in business.

Spergo is a brand with unending vitality. The world needs more companies that can pull themselves up by their own bootstraps by focusing on the bright side of things. Sales have reached an endpoint and show no signs of declining. The time for the truly bold goal has not yet arrived.

The team has returned to the drawing board, and there are rumors that Trey may launch a line of shoes. Let’s see how much time it takes to go to the end of the road. 

Spergo Competitors

  • Paper street clothing
  • RTA clothing
  • LRG
  • Neoprene clothing


Who Founded Spergo?

Trey Brown, a 15-year-old with dreams of becoming a billionaire, founded the successful apparel line Spergo. He launched Spergo at the tender age of 12 with birthday funds.

What is Spergo Net Worth?

Spergo Net Worth is $6.5M.

Is Spergo Still In Business?

Yes, Spergo is still in business.

Had Spergo a shark tank deal?

Without a doubt, Yes, Spergo got the deal. The graves of Daymond and Mark can be found in Spergo. Mr. Daymond accepts Trey’s counteroffer of $300,000 for a 20% stake after the two of them had agreed to pay $300,000 for a 25% stake.

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