What Happened To Veba Baby After Shark Tank?


Veba Baby After Shark Tank Update: Veba Baby founder Veon Brewster appeared on Shark Tank. After becoming a mother, she had to face the milk track challenge for her child. One day her child got a fever due to spoiled milk. Using her technology and engineering, she created a device that could track the milk in every way.

TechStars had invested $23,000 in this company in the seed round in June 2023. This company needs more investment along with guidance in marketing the product. So let us know whether Veba Baby got the deal in Shark Tank or not.

What Is Veba Baby?


Veba Baby has created the world’s first smart baby bottle monitor device that tracks breast milk and formula and provides updates on a mobile app. It will track milk as well as give alerts when it is time to feed, about to run out of milk, and when it is not safe to feed.

Apart from this, it will monitor the temperature and give alerts on the mobile app. The Smart Baby Bottle Monitor costs $129.

Who Is The Founder Of Veba Baby?

Veba Baby, founder of Veba Baby Company, is also working as a UX Research Program Lead at Google. She started this company in July 2021. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Computer Science from Florida International University.

Veba Baby Shark Tank Update

Company NameVeba Baby
FounderVeon Brewster
ProductSmart Baby Bottle Monitor
Asked For$150k for 15% equity
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Sharks
Episode (Shark Tank USA)S15 E19
Air DateApril 5th, 2024
Business StatusIn Business
Veba Baby Net Worth$0.8M *estimated
HeadquartersCoral Springs, Florida, USA
Veba Baby InstagramView Profile
Veba Baby shark tank update and company details

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Veba Baby On Shark Tank Pitch

Co-founders Veon Brewster and her husband Terry Lin both entered Shark Tank and asked the sharks for $150k for 5% equity. They explained to the sharks about their product and told them about the specialty of the product.

Kevin said that he don’t think this company will become successful so he is out. Robert said this business is not fit for him so he is out. Emma said that she cannot see the usage of the product and cannot invest in the business so she is also out.

Mark said that he cannot invest in the early stage so he is also out. Lori said that she is also out. All the sharks are out. veba baby did not get any deal on the shark tank.

Veba Baby’s Net Worth


Veba Baby’s net worth is estimated at $0.8 million. This company has created the world’s first smart baby bottle monitor that tracks breast milk and alerts you when it’s time for bacteria to build up.

Is Veba Baby Still In Business?

Yes, Veba Baby is still in business as of April 2024.

Veba Baby Company was started in July 2021 and initially, Veon Brewster was working part-time in this company. Veon’s background is technical and her expertise is not in business or marketing. This business requires a person who understands product marketing.

This company’s official address is Coral Springs, Florida, United States and according to its LinkedIn profile, it has 2-10 employees.


Who is the Founder of Veba Baby?

Veba Baby was founded by Veon Brewster.

What Is Veba Baby’s Net Worth?

Veba Baby’s net worth is estimated at $0.8 million.

Is Veba Baby Still In Business?

Yes, Veba Baby is still in business as of April 2024.

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