What Happened To Windcatcher After Shark Tank?


Windcatcher Shark Tank Update: Ryan Frayne pitches the Sharks on his fast-inflating air mattress, the Windcatcher Air Pad, in Season 7 Episode 6 of “Shark Tank.” The Windcatcher uses – quick stream inflation – to rapidly inflate an air mattress without the need for batteries or a manual pump.

What Is Windcatcher?

The Windcatcher is a very quick-inflating air bed. The inflatable outdoor and travel gear from the Windcatcher product line is quick and easy to inflate with the help of a revolutionary rapid inflation valve.

Windcatcher Working Video

Who Is The Founder Of Windcatcher?

The company WindCatcher was founded by Ryan Frayne. He received his marketing degree in 2008 from the University of South Florida, where he grew up.

Frayne resorted to inventing when the Great Depression left him jobless, and his inventions included a mechanism to tie fishing hooks without a knot.

In 2013, Frayne launched WindCatcher and moved to Portland, Oregon, where he performed numerous jobs until joining a digital marketing business.

Windcatcher Founder Ryan Frayne

The WindCatcher Air Mattress, Frayne’s quicker and easier air mattress inflator, was initially funded on Kickstarter. 1,472 supporters raised $150,000 in June 2013.

In September 2014, he raised $42,500 more for his Air Pakk Self-Inflating Backpack.

Frayne’s major emphasis is WindCatcher, which might change the renewable energy market.

Know About the Windcatcher Shark Tank Update

Shark Tank highlighted the travel item Windcatcher. Its built-in pump inflates and deflates the mattress in under 30 seconds, eliminating human inflation.

Windcatcher inflates huge products in seconds by rapidly drawing in and amplifying the user’s breath. Windcatcher, invented by Portland, Oregon’s Ryan Frayne, prevents breathlessness.

Ryan sought $200,000 and a shark partner for an 8% interest in Windcatcher on Shark Tank. Lori had an agreement with Windcatcher, but they were in a long lawsuit over numerous issues.

Cascade Designs, a business that used its technology to make a knock-off, filed and ruined any deal hopes. Ryan died of pancreatic cancer in 2018. The company never recovered. Windcatcher closed in 2023.

Windcatcher Shark Tank Update

Company NameWindcatcher
Episode         Season 7 Episode 6
Product Offering      Creative Air Capture Mattress Pads
FounderRyan Frayne
Required Investment$200,000 in exchange for 8% equity
Closing Deal$200,000 with 5% equity
Offered SharksLori Greiner
Current Business StatusNo Business
Company NameWindcatcher
Windcatcher Shark Tank Episode         Season 7 Episode 6
Product Offering      Creative Air Capture Mattress Pads
Windcatcher Net Worth$6 million
Windcatcher InstagramView Profile
Windcatcher Shark Tank Details

Another Shark Tank Pitch:

What Happened To Windcatcher on Shark Tank Pitch

Ryan showed how difficult and time-consuming it was to inflate a normal pad. He then demonstrated his technique. Windcatcher inflated easily. Sharks were impressed by the show but perplexed by the technology.

He claimed the customized valve collects all the air you blow at it instead of a little trickle like a standard valve. In the years preceding filming, he sold $165,000.

Ryan claimed he wanted to develop a brand and license the technology, but he wouldn’t disclose the sharks the production cost. He disclosed 60% margins. The sharks liked this, but not the secrecy.

Windcatcher After Shark Tank

Since the piece’s first appear in 2008, the Windcatcher company has gained a lot of attention, and mysterious Ryan has been the focus of some adorable internet conversation.

He anticipated a high volume of orders once Windcatcher appeared on the show and had a special treat in store for interested customers.

For the following month after the exhibition, Ryan kept the goods at the show price of $79. Instead of paying out the whole $99, his discounted pricing model allows him to maximize sales and expose as many people to Windcatcher products as possible.

After the show, sales ‘went through the sky,’ Ryan added, demonstrating the idea was a smashing success.

The Windcatcher Air Bag, presented by Ryan, was chosen by Inc.com as one of the seven most sensitive Shark Tank presentations of 2015, less than a month after Ryan’s initial appearance on the show. In addition, Windcatcher was featured on Shark Tank that year and was later named one of Forbes’ 12 trendiest gifts for travelers.

Lori has begun signing the licensing agreements that had been anticipated. Canadian Tire has acquired a license to manufacture and sell air beds based on technology developed by Windcatcher.

Eagle Creek Travel Products’ quick-inflating pillow, which is equipped with a licensed Windcatcher valve, is sold all over the world.

Eagle Creek plans to incorporate Windcatcher technology into a wider range of future offerings.

His company is flourishing, and his Shark partner Lori Greiner has received several honors. If Windcatcher gets big enough to make us all go crazy, he might finally be able to relax.

Windcatcher Gets the Deal Done With the Sharks

Lori was offered a credit line and 5% ownership in the company for $200,000.

Windcatcher Deal with Lori Greiner

Is Windcatcher Still In Business?

Lori and Windcatcher’s connection ended due to litigation involving a comparable technological company. Lori Greiner left the transaction.

After the program, Ryan had pancreatic cancer. He died on June 5, 2018. His wife and best friend started an IndieGoGo campaign to revive sales in 2019, but it only raised $6,572.

Courtesy & inc.com Ryan Frayne – Frayne Undergoes Chemotherapy

Social media updates have stopped since June 2019. As of 2021, the company website does not sell anything. As of February 2022, the website is offline, suggesting the company is closed.

Windcatcher Net Worth

When the Shark Tank came, the estimated Windcatcher Net Worth was about $4 million. This company is projected to have a net value of $6 million by 2022. It’s incredible that the company went from a $2,000 seed funding to a $6 million market cap.


Who Founded Windcatcher?

The business was started by Ryan Frayne.

What is Windcatcher Net Worth?

Windcatcher Net Worth is $6 million.

What happened with Ryan?

He died soon after being on the show because he had pancreatic cancer.

Is Windcatcher Still In Business?

WindCatcher is no longer in business, and its website hasn’t been updated since February 2022.

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