What Happened To Jiggy Puzzles After Shark Tank?


Jiggy Puzzles Shark Tank: Kaylin Marcotte is the founder of the jiggy puzzle. Kaylin’s presented her product in front of the Sharks.

She thinks there are lots of puzzle fans who lack the skills or time to make their own. She wants her students to maintain their interest in puzzles, so she offers them a variety of topics and sizes to pick from. 

Kaylin’s consideration was that 5% of the company’s stock was worth $500,000, so she bargained for that amount. After some negotiations, Mark Cuban agreed to invest $500,000 for 15% stock in this company. Mark is a trustworthy business partner of Kaylin Marcotte.

The puzzle manufacturer saw 2019 sales of $2.25 million thanks in part to the show Shark Tank. The corporation has made a substantial profit. The puzzles are famous among customers because of their distinctive visual style.

What Are Jiggy Puzzles?

Jiggy Puzzles is a New York City-based puzzle-framing company. It mainly shapes the imaginative works of women artists into puzzles for user entertainment.

So this company creates and sells art design puzzles for various events. If you look closely at each of the artworks in these puzzles, you will notice that some societal message is being conveyed in a creative way.

The Jiggy Puzzle is intended for children aged zero to five, but adults of any age can enjoy it as well! 

You’ll find an image to put together with the small wooden jigsaw pieces that come with this puzzle. It is a fantastic tool for developing fine motor skills in youngsters as well as teaching them about various shapes and colors.

It also helps children strengthen their fine motor abilities.

Who is the founder of Jiggy Puzzles?

Jiggy Puzzles Founder Kaylin Marcotte

Jiggy Puzzles’ current CEO and company founder, Kaylin Marcotte, has been a puzzle enthusiast ever since she was a young girl. 

She grew raised in the Midwest, where she first became interested in puzzles and eventually found the inspiration to create her own.

When she finally decided to make some money off of them, she put listings up for them on sites like eBay and Amazon.

Know About the Jiggy Puzzles Shark Tank Update

The team at Jiggy Puzzles is always working on new and exciting jigsaw puzzle designs. A new membership program called Jiggy Puzzle Club has been launched by the company.

In addition to receiving early notification on new products and discounts, members also have access to a unique community where they can network with people who share their interests.

Another Shark Tank Pitch:

Jiggy Puzzles Shark Tank Update

Company NameJiggy Puzzles
FounderKaylin Marcotte
ProductJigsaw puzzles submitted by local female artists from around the world
Asked For$500k for 5% equity
Final Deal$500k for 15% equity
SharkMark Cuban
Jiggy Puzzles Shark Tank Episode S12 E21
Air DateApril 23, 2021
Business StatusIn Business
Jiggy Puzzles Net Worth$1.3 Million (Estimated)
Jiggy Puzzles InstagramView Profile
GO TO AMAZONView Product
Jiggy Puzzles Shark Tank Details

Jiggy Puzzles on Shark Tank Pitch

Kaylin wanted the Shark Tank to invest $500,000 for 5% of Jiggy Puzzles.

Marcotte’s product was a jigsaw puzzle with multiple answers. She also wanted to expand the puzzle line. She has sold $2.25 million since 2019 (the show was taped in July 2020) and has no debt. 

John generously offered to buy 50% of Jiggy Puzzles for $250,000, but he asked that Marcotte risk $50,000 in advertising to grow the company. 

She pursued Mark because he immediately intrigued her. He says 15%. Daniel advised her to hide Mark’s money since the company didn’t need it.

Kaylin said that she would not compromise on any of her goals.

Kevin proposed after Robert and Daniel declined. Kevin offered $100,000 for 15% of Jiggy Puzzles and a $400,000 loan at 10% interest.

Jiggy Puzzles after Shark Tank

The company’s innovative puzzles became a huge sellers after their appearance on Shark Tank. Famous celebrities, including Sophia Bush, Lili Reinhart, Allison Williams, and Demi Lovato, have created their own unique patterns for it.

The Jiggy Puzzle Club is a subscription service that provides members with early access to new puzzle releases, discounts, and a supportive online community. In 2021, it is expected that annual sales will top $4 million.

Jiggy Puzzles Net Worth

Following Mark Cuban’s investment, the Jiggy Puzzles Net Worth dropped from $10 million (during the pitch) to $1.3 million. In 2021, the company’s sales could lead to a rise in net worth.

Is Jiggy Puzzles Still In Business?

Jiggy Puzzles

Yes, Jiggy Puzzles is still in business. As of the year 2023, Jiggy Puzzles generates more than $4 million in annual sales.


Who Founded Jiggy Puzzles?

Kaylin Marcotte is the founder of the jiggy puzzle. She used puzzles to chill out each day after working in a frantic start-up position.

What is Jiggy Puzzles?

A jigsaw puzzle is hidden inside each stunning picture of your favorite animals in the new Jiggy Puzzles, which are now pursuing a patent. The goal of this game is to locate all of the paired items depicted.

What is Jiggy Puzzles Net Worth?

Jiggy Puzzles has a whopping net worth of $4 million as of 2023.

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