What Happened To Aira After Shark Tank?


Aira Shark Tank Update: Aira is a company that develops universal wireless charging systems. With their “FreePower” charging method, users can charge their devices by simply setting them down on the charging surface.

In order to ensure compatibility with popular smartphone brands like Apple, Google, Samsung, and Huawei, the company ensures that it conforms to the Qi standard.

Aira may also be used to power up accessories like wireless headphones, game controllers, and watches.

Aira Wireless Charging Systems

Who is the founder of Aira?

In 2017, the business was started by Arizona State University alumni Eric Goodchild and Jake Slatnik. Goodchild holds a BSEE as well as an MSEE (Master of Science in Embedded Systems).

Aira shark tank Pitch

On the third episode of season 11, Eric Goodchild and Jake Slatnik pitched their company Aira to the Sharks, offering a 7 % stake for $500,000 (at a $7.1 million valuation).

Their Tesla coil and technology dazzled the Sharks, but their $30,000 monthly burn rate was questioned. The Sharks were thrilled that their partner, Nomad, had pre-ordered 33,000 units.

Robert Herjavec offered $500,000 for a 10% share in the company first. Lori Greiner then offered Shark Kevin O’Leary a $500,000 loan at 9% for 15% equity.

O’Leary said he could help with licensing, but Herjavec said they didn’t need a line of credit and would create the company together.

Aira’s founders decided they wanted strategic partners rather than just a line of credit. Greiner and O’Leary offered cash and two Sharks for 15% stock.

Aira’s founders startled the Sharks by suggesting that all three contribute $500,000 for a 15% stock share, to which they agreed.

After the show, Aira signed a contract and debuted their FreePower technology at CES in January 2020. Cars, furniture, and gadgets will employ this technology.

An Aira announced a $12 million private investor-led investment round on August 3, 2021, with $4 million in yearly revenue as of June 2021.

Kevin O’Leary Tweet About Aira (FreePower)

Aira shark tank update

Company NameAira (FreePower)
FounderEric Goodchild and Jake Slatnick
FoundedNov 2017
ProductWireless Charging Surface
Asked For$500K for 7% equity
Final Deal$500K for 15% equity
SharkRobert Herjavec, Kevin O’Leary, and Lori Greiner
Aira shark tank Episode S11 E3
Air Date (Shark Tank USA)Oct 13, 2019
Business StatusIn Business
HeadquartersPhoenix, Arizona, United States
Aira shark tank Net Worth $4 Million+
Aira FreePower LinkedinView Profile
Watch onAmazon Prime
Aira shark tank update

Aira Freepower: What Happened to It After “Shark Tank”?

The Aira is wireless charging for smartphones that use “FreePower” technology to power gadgets without the need for wires. In Episode 3 of Shark Tank Season 11, Eric Goodchild and Jake Slatnick, the creators of Aira, sought a $500,000 investment in exchange for 7% of the company.

They were offered funding from all five of the Sharks but finally settled on a deal with Kevin O’Leary, Robert Herjavec, and Lori Greiner that would give them $500,000 in exchange for 15% ownership.

Aira Shark Tank Final Deal

Aira rebranded as FreePower after the Aira shark tank episode aired. The business has released a pad that can charge many smartphones at once, and it is still actively seeking funding.

In August of 2021, Aira revealed that private investors, including Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec, had provided a $12 million funding round. It appears that Robert Herjavec is the only original Shark who is still actively participating.

The goal of Aira/FreePower is to expand into the automobile and consumer goods markets. NOMAD is now offering the Base Station Pro equipped with Aira’s FreePower technology for the low price of $199.95.

Where Is This Business Now?

They were ready to close the sale after appearing on Shark Tank. It appears that Robert is the only remaining Shark with any connection to the company. However, that has not ended production of their devices.

The company is now focusing on integrating its innovative products into a wide variety of items, such as furniture, automobiles, and electrical accessories.

The company’s yearly revenue is $4 million, and it’s still expanding rapidly. Aira is extremely driven and intent on making an impact in the IT industry and setting new norms.


What is Aira?

Aira, a company that develops wireless charging platforms, makes chargers that are both aesthetically pleasing and capable of charging many devices at once.

Who is the founder of Aira?

Aira was founded by Eric Goodchild and Jake Slatnick, two friends who met at Arizona State University.

Have the Sharks approved the deal?

Yes! With the help of Robert, Lori, and Kevin, Aira was able to close a deal.

Is Aira Freepower Still In Business?

As of April 2023, Aira FreePower is still working. Lori Greiner, Kevin O’Leary, and Robert Herjavec invested $500,000 in the wireless charging startup Aira FreePower in return for 15% equity when it debuted on Shark Tank.

What Is The Aira Net Worth?

Estimated Aira Net Worth is $4 Million.

How much was the deal?

Aira received a $500,000 investment for a 15% equity position.

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