What Happened To SubSafe After Shark Tank?


SubSafe After Shark Tank Update: SubSafe is a waterproof container that comes in both stainless steel and plastic variants. SubSafe Florida Base is a container company that manufactures waterproof containers.

There are many people who use waterproof containers for their travel or party, in which the things they need are right.

What is SubSafe?


SubSafe is a Florida Base waterproof container company that manufactures a wide range of items such as Water Proof Boxes, Stainless Steel Cups, Sandwich Boxes. Every person goes for a walk to enjoy his life so that he can freshen his mind. He carries a lot of things with him, including homemade sandwiches.

To keep the sandwiches for a long time, it is not fit to eat, so to keep it fresh, it is kept in a waterproof container. This SubSafe is made from BPA-free plastic material. It can be reusable. By storing any item in this SubSafe, it stays fresh for a long time. It can be carried while traveling.

Who Is The Founder Of SubSafe?

Adam and Desiree Haller, founders of SubSafe Waterproof Containers. These two are couples from Port Orange, Florida. Desiree is a businesswoman, she has done multiple businesses. In 2019, she started a startup named VyroSafe which is still running.

In 2018, she became the Chief Executive Officer of SubSafe. After that In 2020, she started a startup called Social Bands which sells social distance slogans to people through bands.

SubSafe Shark Tank Update

Company NameSubSafe
FounderAdam Haller And Desiree Haller
ProductWaterproof Container
Asked For$50k for 13% equity
Final Deal$100k for 25% equity
SharkMark Cuban And Charles Barkley
Episode (Shark Tank USA)S10 E13
Air DateJan 27, 2019
Business StatusIn Business
SubSafe Net Worth$1.6M *estimated
HeadquartersPort Orange, Florida, US
SubSafe InstagramView Profile
SubSafe shark tank update and company details

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SubSafe On Shark Tank Pitch

Shark Mark Cuban and Charles Barkley invested in this startup after appearing in SubSafe Shark Tank. After listening to the founder’s talk, these two sharks, after talking a lot, invested $100,000 in this startup instead of 25%.

After bringing in funding from Shark Tank, SubSafe was featured in a coffee public supermarket in Florida. The founder had invested his capital in this so that the order could be fulfilled by manufacturing the product quickly.

20 shark tank companies were featured on “The Biggest Shark Tank Giveaway” and each company’s products were valued at approximately $1,000. Subsafe was also included in these 20 companies.

SubSafe is now available at all supermarkets including Wawa, Publix, Bed Bath & Beyond and Amazon.

SubSafe Net Worth


SubSafe is a waterproof container startup participating in Shark Tank. The average price of SubSafe sandwich containers ranges from $9.95 to $19.95. The average price of stainless steel is $21.95. SubSafe Net Worth Estimated is $1.6 Million.

Is SubSafe Still In Business?

Yes, SubSafe is still in business as of November 2022.

The price for sandwich containers in November 2022 is $24.99 on Amazon for a set of 3 pieces. Many people have given positive reviews about this container on Amazon.

At present the headquarter of this company is in Port Orange, Florida and total 2-10 employees are working in it.


Who Founded SubSafe?

Adam Haller and Desiree Haller are the founders of SubSafe.

What is the Net Worth Of SubSafe?

SubSafe Net Worth Estimated is $1.6 Million.

Is SubSafe Still In Business?

Yes, SubSafe is still in business as of November 2022.

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