American Ghost Walks Net Worth 2023 -What Happened To After Shark Tank?


American Ghost Walks Net Worth Shark Tank Update: Some tourists are in search of excitement, others are interested in learning about local history, and others simply want to unwind while on vacation. Some tourists, however, are looking for a more chilling experience on their trips. They find American Ghost Walks to be the ideal entry point into the mysterious, supernatural, and genuinely scary tales that dot the American countryside.

What Is American Ghost Walks?

American Ghost Walks is a corporation that offers ghost tours as a kind of entertainment to its consumers.  

Who Is The Founder Of American Ghost Walks?

Allison Jornlin and Mike Huberty, who are brother and sister, pitch their ghost tour company, American Ghost Walks, to the Sharks in episode 1506 of Shark Tank, which is the first Halloween-themed episode of Shark Tank in the show’s history. 

In 2008, Allison, a self-proclaimed “professional weirdo,” began conducting paranormal investigations in Milwaukee. Mike needed money to pay his mortgage in September 2010, so he launched Madison Ghost Walks to make ends meet.

Allison says that Mike is responsible for making the business what it is now. They decided to leave their careers and go for it when the moment was perfect.

Know About the American Ghost Walks Shark Tank Update

In front of the five Sharks, Allison and Mike will present the company and its future plans.

In order to secure a Shark investment, they must persuade Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, Barbara Corcoran, and Guest Shark Jason Blum. 

They need to prove to the Sharks that they can manage the business to “Shark standards,” which means having a solid business plan, good financials, and excellent sales data.

American Ghost Walks Shark Tank Update

Company NameAmerican Ghost Walks
FounderAllison Jornlin and Mike Huberty
ProductGhost tour business
Asked For$250k for 15% equity
Final DealNo Deals
SharkNo Sharks
American Ghost Walks Shark Tank EpisodeS15 E5
Air DateOct 27, 2023
Business StatusIn Business
HeadquartersMadison, Wisconsin, USA
American Ghost Walks Net Worth$1.2M Estimated
American Ghost Walks WebsiteVisit Here
American Ghost Walks Shark Tank And Company Details

American Ghost Walks Before Shark Tank

The American Ghost Walks originated as a local work, originating from the shared passions and abilities of two siblings, Mike Huberty and Allison Jornlin. 

Both individuals developed a strong interest in the supernatural from a young age, influenced by the surroundings in which they were raised. 

Mike grew up in Mukwonago, a town located near the mysterious Rainbow Springs Resort. 

This grand hotel, with 760 rooms, was never operational and was destroyed by fire in 2002 under dubious circumstances. 

Television shows like “Unsolved Mysteries,” which premiered in 1987 and investigated a wide range of problems and stories, paranormal or alternatively, inspired the twins’ interest in the supernatural.

American Ghost Walks After Shark Tank

The business offers ghost tours in 25 different locations in 8 different states. The business takes great satisfaction in the fact that its customers are scared but also learn something about the area’s past. 

Allison, who has been researching the paranormal for over 20 years, is responsible for creating and leading the excursions. In each city, they send out teams of expert tour guides. 

Allison writes up a playbook from which the guides perform.

You have to sign a waiver to go on these trips, so you know they’re dangerous.

American Ghost Walks Net Worth

The estimated net worth of American Ghost Walks is $1 million. Everyone enjoys reading paranormal stories because they are thrilling and fascinating. 

Is American Ghost Walks Still In Business?

Yes, American Ghost Walks is still in business. For the past 13 years, American Ghost Walks has been functioning, and with time, it has expanded to other US states.


Who Founded American Ghost Walks?

Allison Jornlin and Mike Huberty started the American Ghost Walks company in 2010. 

What is American Ghost Walks Net Worth?

American Ghost Walks Net Worth is $1.2M.

Is American Ghost Walks Still In Business?

Yes, American Ghost Walks is still in business.

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