What Happened To Parting Stone After Shark Tank?

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Parting Stone After Shark Tank: Stones can be polished in a variety of hues and patterns. A personal message or a person’s name can be engraved on them. You may buy Parting Stone wares directly from the manufacturer’s online store. Shipping, engraving, and memorial arrangement are just some of the many services provided by the business.

The one-of-a-kind business Parting Stone was featured on Shark Tank Season 14. They create beautiful stones from cremains. Justin Crowe founded the business in 2017, and it has its headquartered in Nashville.

What is the Parting Stone?

The procedure of creating a Parting Stone begins with the cremains of the deceased. Ashes are put into a mold after being combined with a resin. The machine then applies heat and pressure to the mold, solidifying the ashes within the Stone.

What is the Parting Stone?

Who is the founder of Parting Stone?

Parting Stone Company was founded by Justin Crowe, who previously launched the company under the name Chronicle Cremation Creations. After graduating from Alfred University, Justin had experience with CFile Foundation and ConnectingDirectors.

On Shark Tank Parting Stone

On the episode of Shark Tank broadcast on April 7, 2023, with guest shark Gwenyth Paltrow, Parting Stone was highlight. With a request for $400,000 in exchange for 5% equity, Justin Crowe entered the shark tank.

The sharks were really interest in Parting Stone and its offering. But, they were hesitant to put money into a company whose business dealt with the afterlife.

After her father was cremated, Gwyneth shared her own similar experience with Justin and complimented him for tackling such a sensitive matter.

When asked how many partners he had, Justin said 55, which caused Lori Greiner and Gwyneth to give each other a startled look. Mark Cuban joined in. He went on to say that he had invested in a business that could create diamonds from ashes. He had to go since he was a competitor.

Shark Tank Parting Stone Update

Company NameParting Stone
FounderJustin Crowe
ProductStone-like alternative to cremated remains
Parting Stone Net Worth$4 million
Asked For$400k for 5% equity
Final Deal$400k for 10% equity + a $20 royalty for DTC and a $12.50 royalty for B2B until 400k is paid
SharkLori Greiner and Kevin O’Leary
Episode (Shark Tank USA)S14 E19
Air DateApril 7, 2023
Business StatusIn Business
HeadquartersSanta Fe, New Mexico, United States
Lifetime Worth (Sales)TBD
Parting Stone instagramVisit Here
Parting Stone WebsiteVisit Here
Go To AmazonFind Now
Watch onAmazon Prime
Shark Tank Parting Stone Update

Parting Stone Net Worth?

The current value of Parting Stone is around $4 million. Although Justin began working on a business of this nature in 2016, he didn’t formally launch Chronicle Cremation Creations until 2018.

Parting Stone After Shark Tank: What Happened?

Parting Stone Shark Tank’s success after participating has yet to be disclosed because the episode showcasing the company has yet to air. Since its founding in 2018, however, the company has steadily expanded, serving an increasing number of satisfied customers.

The Sharks were impressed by Parting Stone’s novel strategy and environmental advantages, and the company’s involvement in Shark Tank will provide them with a great opportunity to promote their product.

Parting Stone’sStone’s founder, Justin Crowe, is excited about the show’s potential publicity for the brand, and the team is gearing up to celebrate the episode with a live stream party on Facebook and Instagram.

Parting Stone: Still in business?

Justin is a brilliant businessman who has been the head of this company for years. Throughout the course of his lengthy career, he has also established some extremely solid connections.

We think this business has an excellent chance of succeeding since so many people value the preservation of precious memories of loved ones who have passed away.

This company has its present offices in Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA), and employs anywhere between 2 and 10 employees. Parting Stone is still active in April 2023.

FAQs :

What is the value of Parting Stone?

At this time, Parting Stone is said to be worth around $4 million.

What Happened After Shark Tank Parting Stone?

In 2019, The Parting Stone, a provider of customized cremation services, debuted on Shark Tank and was offered to fund by some of the show’s famous investors.
Once the show ended, however, the contract fell through because of price differences. Since then, the company has maintained business and seen significant revenue growth.

What’s the Average Cost of Human Solidified Remains?

The going rate for human fossils is $2,495 on average.

Parting Stone: Still in business?

Yes, This company has its present offices in Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA), and employs anywhere between 2 and 10 employees. Parting Stone is still active in April 2023

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