What Happened To Slice of Sauce After The Shark Tank?


Sauce After The Shark Tank Update: Think about how good it would be to eat some delicious ham on a bun with some lettuce, tomato, pickles, and, of course, an excessive amount of ketchup. Your mouth surely started watering at the mere thought of eating it.

Now imagine yourself taking a big bite and having ketchup squirt all over your clothes. 

And the reality of your mouthwatering imagination is a jumbled disaster.

If sandwiches and burgers are your go-to for relaxation, then a Slice of Sauce is all you need.

What Is a Slice of Sauce?


Ketchup and Sauce Slices from Slice of Sauce are world-famous. Use Slice of Sauce to make your favorite condiments into convenient slices for use on sandwiches, burgers, and wraps. 

These slices have the best flavors thanks to the addition of these ingredients, so every bite tastes the same.

It’s not necessary to keep the slice of Sauce in the fridge because it can last for a long time on the shelf.

It was able to establish and maintain partnerships with some well-known brands with this. Slice of Sauce also sought funding on Shark Tank America to expand their business.


  • Flavorful 
  • No mess
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to store
  • Long shelf life


  • No more than four flavors.

Who Is The Founder Of Slice of Sauce?

Slice of Sauce Founder Cole Williams (Left) and Emily Williams

Emily and Cole Williams, who live in Texas, started Slice of Sauce. 

Emily’s father had the idea when she was making barbecue sauce and decided to recycle the leftovers by mixing and grinding them into slices of vegetables and spices.

Because of this, they decided to turn it into a business, and after great effort and dedication, they created a simple ingredient that delivers the best flavors: Slice of Sauce.

Know About the Slice of Sauce Shark Tank Update

Shark Tank Season 12, Episode 10 featured food and beverage startup Slice of Sauce. The main product is a solidified condiment resembling American cheese.

Emily and Cole Williams, the founders, entered the tank with a fiery passion and vision to land a shark deal. Slice of Sauce was worth $2 million when they appeared on Shark Tank.

Slice of Sauce planned to launch sales in November 2021, but none have occurred. The company’s Facebook page is gone. 

Wealthy Byte says little is known about the company’s earnings.

Since its Kickstarter fundraiser in March 2018, Slice of Sauce has instilled many different ideas.

With 677 backers and $30,090 in pledges, the campaign ended in April 2018 after exceeding its $15,000 goal.

Despite an enthusiastic response, Slice of Sauce has yet to convince many local grocers to sell its product.

However, the company sells its products online. Slice of Sauce began with “Classic” tomato ketchup and added “Spicy” in 2020.

Slice of Sauce Shark Tank Update

Company NameSlice of Sauce
FounderEmily Williams and Cole Williams
Productconvenient slices of dehydrated condiments
Asked For$200,000 for 10%
Final Deal$200,000 debt converts to 20% equity at 1.8 million sales.
SharkAlex Rodriguez
Slice of Sauce Shark Tank Episode Season 12 Episode 10
Air DateJanuary 15, 2021
Business Statusout of Business
Slice of Sauce Net Worth$1.0 Million 
Slice of Sauce InstagramView Profile
GO TO AMAZONView Product
Slice of Sauce

Another Shark Tank Pitch:

Slice of Sauce on Shark Tank Pitch

Cole and Emily Williams appeared on Shark Tank’s 10th episode of the 12th season to find an investor for Slice of Sauce, their ketchup and sauce slices.

They wanted $200,000 for a $2 million 10% stake in their company.

The Sharks liked the taste but worried about the high price and whether customers would pay for it after the duo told their story and gave them samples.

Cole and Emily suggested finding a co-packer to cut costs in the company’s early stages.

Most Sharks were doubtful, but Alex saw the product’s potential as a marketing tool since the slices don’t need refrigeration.

Alex offered a $200,000 convertible loan that would become 15% ownership when sales exceeded $1.8 million. The couple accepted and closed the deal.

Slice of Sauce Net Worth

Slice of Sauce After Shark Tank

On Episode 10 of Shark Tank Season 12, Slice of Sauce pitched their product to the panel of investors. 

Cole and Emily Williams, the company’s founders, received $200,000 to market and manufacture the product. Slice of Sauce branded itself after the show and sold well.

The production process has had some issues. The show featured manual production of all-natural, clean-ingredient condiments.

The founders needed to improve their production process. Slice of Sauce planned to launch sales in November 2021, but none have occurred.

Slice of Sauce Net Worth

After reaching a deal with Shark Tank, Slice of Sauce’s valuation increased to one million dollars, and the company’s net worth also increased accordingly.

Its growth is going to increase even more in the coming time as a result of the fact that people enjoyed trying out its test and its sales.

Is Slice of Sauce Still In Business?

The well-known food innovation company Slice of Sauce has shut down. The company gained popularity in early 2021 when it participated in the hit reality TV show Shark Tank, famous for its innovative dried sauce slices that could be rehydrated with water. 

Less than a year after their appearance on “Shark Tank,” Slice of Sauce closed their doors permanently. As of 2023, no activity on any social media platforms related to the Slice of Sauce website has existed. Slice of Sauce shuttered its business, presumably for good, less than a year after appearing on “Shark Tank.” 

As of 2023, the Slice of Sauce website has been deactivated, with no peep on any social media platform in years. Founder Emily Williams seems to have moved on as well. 

Without mentioning Slice of Sauce anywhere on her LinkedIn page, she is listed as having co-founded the company in late 2022.

Emily’s husband and co-founder of Slice of Sauce, Cole Williams, appears to have relocated from Texas to Michigan. However, it is unknown whether or not he has resumed his profession in the health and fitness industry. This result highlights the challenges faced by new businesses as they seek to alter the food industry forever.

Slice of Sauce Competitors

  • Farm drop
  • Sauce drop
  • Fuegodrop


Who Founded Slice of Sauce?

Cole and Emily Williams created Slice of Sauce.

What is Slice of Sauce Net Worth?

Slice of Sauce Net Worth is $1.0 Million.

Is Slice of Sauce Still In Business?

No, Slice of Sauce is out of Business.

Did they have the agreement?

With Alex Rodriguez, they did.

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