What Happened To Dating by Blaine After Shark Tank? In 2023


Dating by Blaine After Shark Tank Update: In the modern day, where the act of swiping right has become a popular activity, the process of finding love through online platforms may often feel like a daunting task, comparable to seeking a small needle in a vast digital haystack. 

Introducing Blaine Anderson, a contemporary Cupid equipped with a laptop instead of a bow, providing guidance to guys navigating the challenges of dating. Anderson presented her idea on the most recent episode of Shark Tank and secured an agreement with Mark Cuban.

What Is Dating by Blaine?

Dating by Blaine is a specialized service that offers coaching in the realm of dating, specifically tailored for males. Blaine Anderson established this enterprise after providing guidance to over 2000 individuals, ensuring they encounter no difficulties in locating their ideal life companions. 

Who Is The Founder Of Dating by Blaine?

Blaine Anderson presents her relationship counseling service for guys, called Relationship by Blaine, during episode 1502 of Shark Tank. She lost her job as a travel agent in 2020, at which point she launched the company. 

Due to the fact that several of her male friends frequently sought her counsel on their dating profiles, she made the decision to develop a course centered around providing guys with dating guidance. 

Her boyfriend, who is now her husband, motivated her to fully commit, and she indeed did. 


Know About the Dating by Blaine Shark Tank Update

After receiving funding from Shark Tank, Dating by Blaine quickly expanded. After seeing their commercial on national television, many individuals will sign up for their service. There is currently a lack of data concerning this company.

 Dating by Blaine Shark Tank Update

Company NameDating by Blaine
FounderBlaine Anderson
ProductDating Coaching Services for Men
Asked For$100k for 2% equity
Final Deal$100k for 10% equity
SharkMark Cuban
Dating by Blaine Shark Tank Episode S15 E3
Air DateOct 13, 2023
Business StatusIn Business
HeadquartersAustin, Texas, USA
Dating by Blaine Net Worth$2.2M Estimated
Dating by Blaine InstagramVisit Profile
Dating by Blaine Shark Tank And Company Details

Another Shark Tank Pitch:

Dating by Blaine on Shark Tank Pitch

With an entry price of $100,000 for a mere 2% stake in Dating by Blaine, Blaine Anderson enters the “Shark Tank” as a typical Mark Cuban red flag for an entrepreneur solely interested in appearing on the show for publicity. 

Anderson, on the other hand, is only considering a guest spot because of him.

After her pitch (an enthusiastic and charismatic sell, somewhat hampered by her lack of prepared data), she adds that she is looking for a male shark who can serve as a positive role model for the guys who pay for her classes. 

Guest shark Michael Rubin declined to participate due to doubts about the company’s potential to expand. 

Lori Greiner follows Barbara Corcoran out of the competition because they both feel that one of the males, Cuban in particular, would be more suited to achieving Anderson’s objectives. 

Despite Anderson’s best efforts, Cuban remains uninterested in investing due to the paltry share offer.

Anderson’s discomfort is apparent as Kevin O’Leary offers her 15% ownership. She goes so far as to call Cuban her “special Shark” and give him an exclusive 8% discount, making it plain that she wants to make a deal with him more than anything. 

Anderson accepts Cuban’s counteroffer of 10%. Anderson certainly knows how to go to bat for herself when it comes to finding the one.

Dating by Blaine After Shark Tank

Blaine’s dating service secured a deal on Shark Tank, with Mark Cuban acquiring a 10% ownership part in the company and investing $100k. 

Blaine Anderson’s Instagram account has a high level of engagement. Following her appearance on Shark Tank, her Instagram following has experienced substantial growth. 

Anderson projects that it will achieve $1.5 million in yearly sales by the conclusion of 2023. Currently, the dating industry is experiencing significant growth. 

Dating by Blaine Net Worth


Dating by Blaine net worth is assumed to be $1.5 million, which is used as a factor in determining his dating prospects. The dating service enterprise owned by Anderson is experiencing significant growth, with her website attracting over 300,000 visitors on a monthly basis. 

Is Dating by Blaine Still In Business?

As of October 2023, Dating by Blaine is still operating as a business. Anderson’s business is located in Austin, Texas, United States. 

The dating market is expanding, and Anderson is expanding her workforce to keep up with the company’s growth. 

Two other members have just joined this company and possess the expertise to provide guidance to male customers and enhance their sense of style. 


Who Founded Dating by Blaine?

Dating by Blaine was founded by its founder, Blaine Anderson. 

Is there a deal for Dating by Blaine?

Blaine’s dating service gets a deal on Shark Tank. This business is funded by Mark Cuban.

What is Dating by Blaine Net Worth?

Dating by Blaine net worth is $1.5 million.

Is Dating by Blaine Still In Business?

Yes, Dating by Blaine is still in business.

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