What Happened To Glove Wrap After Shark Tank?


Glove Wrap After Shark Tank Update: When it comes to winning in the highly competitive world of sports, having the right tools can make all the difference. The Orange County, California, Batarse family, inventors of the Glove Wrap, knew this all too well. 

The product that eight-year-old Gavin Batarse, his sister Morgan, and their father Jon presented on the reality program Shark Tank was a smashing success. Negotiations with Mark Cuban and Michael Rubin resulted in a deal. Glove Wrap is currently valued at around $250,000.

What Is Glove Wrap?

The gloves are protected from breaking by a big piece of rubber called a “glove wrap.” Gloves can be cracked in a variety of conventional ways. 

Glove Wrap Product

Who Is The Founder Of Glove Wrap?

Glove Wrap Company is led by Gavin Batarse, who is the President and CEO. John Batarse, his father, assists him in his business efforts. 

Know About the Glove Wrap Shark Tank Update

The Shark Tank episode had a favorable outcome for Glove Wrap, resulting in a significant number of baseball and softball players acquiring this tool. Currently, there is a lack of information about this industry. 

Glove Wrap Shark Tank Update

Company NameGlove Wrap
FounderGavin Batarse and John Batarse
ProductBaseball & Softball Gloves Wrap
Asked For$50k for 20% equity
Final Deal$50k for 22% equity
SharkMark Cuban and Michael Rubin
Glove Wrap Shark Tank EpisodeS15 E3
Air DateOct 13, 2023
Business StatusIn Business
HeadquartersTustin, California, USA
Glove Wrap Net Worth$19k Estimated
Glove Wrap InstagramView Profile
GO TO AMAZONView Product
Glove Wrap Company Details

Another Shark Tank Pitch:

Glove Wrap on Shark Tank Pitch

The youngest entrepreneur on “Shark Tank” is Gavin Batarse, seeking $50,000 for 20% of Glove Wrap. 

John, Gavin’s father, and Morgan, his older sister, are enthusiastic about his innovation and helping him sell it to investors for $250,000.

When Gavin throws the first pitch, it’s clear he’s hoping one of two Sharks will take a swing: guest-shark Michael Rubin, the billionaire founder and CEO of Fanatics, Inc., and Mark Cuban, the Dallas Mavericks owner who’s been helping “Shark Tank” entrepreneurs build sports relationships since joining the show. 

The other Sharks research Gavin, who has sold 1,000 items and made $19,000, but each withdraws. It’s delightfully awkward when Barbara Corcoran breaks ranks with the supportive panel to say Gavin’s innovation is no better than an exercise band.

After Cuban rejected Bot-It, Rubin attempted another joint deal effort with Cuban in the tank. 

Cuban instantly agrees this time but tells Gavin that he’ll need a real shark position for more equity. After suspense, Cuban and Rubin offered $50,000 for 22% of the company (11% each). Gavin accepts, earning two billionaire business partners with contacts throughout the sports sector.

Glove Wrap After Shark Tank

Glove Wrap secured a deal on the TV show Shark Tank. Michael and Mark, two sports fans, made investments in this company.

Gavin’s entrepreneurial career has served as a source of inspiration for other individuals. Barbara, Lori, and Michael have documented the progress of this 8-year-old business on their Twitter account. 

After the October 15, 2023, broadcast of this particular episode of Shark Tank, the business known as Glove Wrap experienced a significant turning point, Gavin, one of the entrepreneurs behind the company, excitedly shared a video on Glove Wrap’s official Instagram account. In the video, viewers witnessed Gavin’s enthusiastic preparations to ship out a whopping one thousand orders of their innovative product.

Prior to their appearance on Shark Tank, Glove Wrap had sold a total of 1,000 gloves, which was an impressive feat in itself. 

However, the exposure and investment opportunities presented on the show proved to be a game-changer for the company. 

In the wake of their appearance, Glove Wrap received a surge in demand, and they managed to sell an additional 1,000 gloves within just a few days. 

This newfound success not only validated their business concept but also set the stage for a promising future in the world of innovative glove solutions.

Glove Wrap Net Worth

Glove Wrap Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Glove Wrap is $0.1 million. This company is of modest size and was established a few years ago. This company gains advantages as a result of its popularity on social media. 

Is Glove Wrap Still In Business?

Yes, Glove Wrap is still in business as of October 2023. 

This business is located in Tustin, California, USA. Glove Wrap exhibits excellent user interaction on its social media platforms. The video that has gained the highest level of popularity features Gavin distributing glove covers to baseball players. 


Who Founded Glove Wrap?

Gavin Batarse established Glove Wrap. 

What is Glove Wrap Net Worth?

Glove Wrap Net Worth is $19k.

Is Glove Wrap Still In Business?

Yes, Glove Wrap is still in business.

Have Glove Wrap made a Shark Tank deal?

Glove Wrap secured a deal on the television show Shark Tank, with investments from Mark Cuban and Michael Rubin.

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