What Happened To Jax Sheets After Shark Tank?


Did you know that males only change their bedding once every three months? This can cause many health issues, but Jax Sheets only need to be washed every other week. Jax Sheets net worth in 2023 is $1 Million. The company’s founder, Wen Muenyi, entertained viewers but ultimately left the show without a deal.

What are Jax Sheets?

The copper in Jax Sheets makes the cotton luxurious and soft for the male body. Softer and more environmentally friendly than regular cotton, this bamboo fiber allows maximum breathability.

With silver’s antimicrobial characteristics, the sheet is a must-have. Because men tend to neglect washing their linens, has been designed this one with them in mind.

The integrated silver means it will get significantly less dirty and ultimately vanish if not washed for a year. The men’s bedding brand Jax Sheets was featured on Season 12 of Shark Tank.

Who is the founder of Jax Sheets?

Wen Muenyi, the founder of Jax Sheets, presented his company’s odor-free sheets to investors on Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 13. HercFiber, the material used to make silk bed linens and pillowcases, is resistant to odors for longer.

Wen is the creator of both Jax Sheets and HercLeon, an odor-free clothing brand made from the same materials.


  • Useful in all weather
  • Thermal regulating qualities
  • Stay cleaner for longer.
  • The texture is soft and smooth. Smooth as silk right off the bat.
  • Keeps its texture after washing.
  • Perfect for your hair and skin.
  • prevents accumulation
  • Jax Sheets stay put on mattresses, while silk sheets often slide off. You can snug the sheets up to your mattress because of their elasticity.


  • One color is available.
  • Only for queen or king beds

Know About The Jax Sheets Shark Tank Update

Company NameJax Sheets
FounderWen Muenyi
ProductMen Who Don’t Wash Their Sheets Get These Copper-Infused Silky Cotton Sheets
Asked For$212k for 10% Equity
Final DealNo Deal’s
SharkNo Shark
Jax Sheets Shark Tank Episode S12 E13
Air DateFebruary 12, 2021
Business StatusIn Business
Jax Sheets Net Worth$1 Million *estimated
AddressSt Paul, Minnesota, United States
Jax Sheets WebsiteVisit Here
Jax Sheets Shark Tank Details

Another Shark Tank Pitch:

Jax Sheets on Shark Tank Pitch

Wen Muenyi’s garage startup ran into stock issues because he was the only worker.

Season 12 of Shark Tank aired in 2021, and he asked for $212,000 for a 10% stake.

He began the proposal by introducing Jax Sheets and then expanded it to include HercLéon. When he told them how much money he had made, the Sharks perked up, but they were still wary because all of his profits had come via crowdsourcing.

Muenyi told the investors that he needed $212,000 so he wouldn’t stutter during his speech. His sincerity and humor won over the Sharks, but they
still declined to invest.

Jax Sheets After Shark Tank

The company is still going strong despite Wen failing to secure a deal. He had a lot of new business after his appearance on the show, but he wasn’t prepared for such a dramatic increase. As a one-man show, Jax Sheets faces challenges in expanding his business.

Since their episode aired in February 2021, there have been no significant developments.

As a result, Wen decided to consolidate the two brands’ online presence into a single destination: HercLeon.com. On Thisiswhyimbroke.com, 11 reviewers gave the sheets a total of 4.6 stars.


After the initial success brought on by his appearance on the show, Jax Sheets has struggled.

There are no publicly available sales numbers, although it is thought that the company brings in around $200,000. Wen is a serial entrepreneur who, most recently, helped launch the Rheabelle sleep technology company.

It would have been more effective to highlight the issues that his goods address in the original Shark Tank pitch.

A person with acne on their skin would benefit from the sheets, whereas someone with acne on their chest or back might benefit from the clothes.

Are There Any Jax Sheets Alternatives?

Yes, you do have a viable option besides Jax Sheets. Bamboo Fibre Luxury Sheets and Blankets are available for direct purchase.

The cost of the Jax Sheets is fair when weighed against the benefits they provide. Although the price tag is more than that of standard (or even high-end) sheets, it is reasonable considering that you are getting silk.

Is Jax Sheets still in business?

Yes, the business is still in business, making $1 million a year.


What is Jax Sheets?

Jax Sheets are the first bedding products ever made with only men in mind. The smooth texture comes from the use of bamboo fibers in their manufacture. When compared to cotton sheets, Jax Sheets are better for the planet.

Who is the founder?

Wenceslaus Muenyi is Jax Sheets’ founder. The inspiration for Jax Sheets came to him after he bought his first set of silk sheets. After he spent a lot of money on luxurious silk sheets, he became fascinated by linens.

What is Jax Sheets net worth?

Jax Sheets net worth is $1 Million.

How much did investors try to get on Shark Tank?

Wen wanted to raise $212,000 in exchange for 10% company ownership.

Was Jax Sheets in on the deal?

There was no deal made on Shark Tank for the company.

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