What Happened To Funky Mello After Shark Tank?


Funky Mello After Shark Tank Update: Funky Mello is a snack company that sells vegan, sugarless, sweet, and salty snacks made from chickpeas. The company was founded in December 2017 by Delisa Harper and Zach Harper.

Both wife and husband suffer from food allergies and were looking for healthy snacks, so they created Whipped Dessert.

What Is Funky Mello?


Funky Mello’s marshmallows are mainly made from chickpeas and all the ingredients mixed in it are plant-based. Their Dips and Snacks combo comes with Vanilla, Sweet N Salty, and Caramel Apple flavors.

Their whipped dips are available in vanilla, hazelnut, and chai flavors. They sell all their products online in combo packs. All their products contain gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, nut-free, Vegan, non-GMO, No corn syrup, and No artificial ingredients. You can buy it from the retail store Whole Foods and online, Amazon, and their website.

Who Is The Founder Of Funky Mello?

The founder of Funky Mello Company is Zach Harper and the co-founder is his wife Delisa Harper. This husband and wife started this company in 2017.

Zach is a Sales Specialist who has worked for many companies including Touchpoint Solutions, Freedom Medical, ePac Flexible Packaging, and many more. Delisa is a digital marketer. She has worked at OpenText as a Field Marketing Specialist for 3 years.

Funky Mello Shark Tank Update

Company NameFunky Mello
FounderDelisa Harper and Zach Harper
ProductHealthy Marshmallow Company
Asked For$50k for 15% equity
Final Deal$50k for 15% equity
SharkDaymond John
Episode (Shark Tank USA)S15 E16
Air DateMarch 1, 2024
Business StatusIn Business
Funky Mello Net Worth$0.5M *estimated
HeadquartersAustin, Texas, USA
Funky Mello InstagramView Profile
Funky Mello shark tank update and company details

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Funky Mello on Shark tank Pitch

After entering Shark Tank, both Delisa and Zach asked the Sharks for $50k for 15% equity. The Sharks tested different flavors of Funky Mello’s Marshmallow and liked them.

Their sales for the last 12 months were $100,000 and they lost $12k. They have made $40k so far this year and are on track to make $200,000 by the end of the year. Apart from this, they currently have $50,000 in the bank to run the business.

This money has come from friends and family and Delisa Harper has invested $30k of her own money in it. The making cost is $2, sells for $4, and is available in stores for $6.99.

Daymond John wasted no time in offering $50k for 15% equity. Delisa Harper and Zach Harper immediately accepted this offer.

Funky Mello Net Worth


Funky Mello’s net worth is estimated at $0.2 million. Food and Beverages is one of the biggest industries in the United States. According to the data of 2022, the market size is estimated to be $1 trillion. The market size of the healthy food and beverages industry was estimated at $42 billion in 2020.

Is Funky Mello Still In Business?

Yes, Funky Mello is still in business as of March 2024.

Delisa and Zach are both currently devoting full-time to this company and hope to make their products available in other retail stores in the United States.

The headquarters of this company is in Austin, Texas, United States and according to its LinkedIn profile, it has 2-10 employees.


Who is the Founder of Funky Mello?

Funky Mello was founded by Delisa Harper and Zach Harper.

What is Funky Mello net worth?

Funky Mello’s net worth is estimated at $0.2 million.

Is Funky Mello Still In Business?

Yes, Funky Mello is still in business as of March 2024.

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