What Happened To Waivecar After The Shark Tank? In 2023


Waivecar After The Shark Tank: WaiveCar is the first all-electric car rental sharing firm, providing drivers with two hours of free service before charging an hourly cost of $5.99/hr. WaiveCar’s also says it has the lowest rate in the car-sharing sector, which it credits to a unique marketing strategy.

WaiveCar collaborates with Hyundai Motor America to shape the future of transportation and mobility.

At the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show, Hyundai revealed that WaiveCar subscribers would have access to a fleet of all-new Ioniq electric and hybrid cars.

The Ioniq offers an unmatched design and driving experience, as well as the most advanced safety and convenience systems, and represents a significant step forward in eco-conscious driving.

Look At Waivecar

EPISODE NOSeason 9 Episode 7
BUSINESS IDEAFirst All-electric car rental-sharing company
FOUNDERZoli Honig And Isaac Deutsch
ASKED FOR$500,000 For 2%
ACCEPTED$500,000 Loan At 123 Interest For 2.25% Equity + 80%
SHARKKevin O’Leary
Waivecar Company Details

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Was Waivecar Provided With An Offer On Shark Tank?

Waive automobile creators Zoli Honig, and Isaac Deutsch pitched in the shark tank episode for a $500,000 investment at 2% equity.

Unsurprisingly, they struck a deal with Kevin O’Leary for a $500,000 loan at 12.5% interest in exchange for 2% equity in the much-anticipated electric car ride-sharing startup.

What Is The Value Of A Waivecar?

The company’s valuation began at $3.5 million and has since increased to $6.7 million. Waive Automobile is now on hold.

WaiveCar was a unique business model that used digital out-of-home advertising to establish itself as a pioneer in the marketing and car-sharing industries.

WaiveCar has received $3.5 million in investment finance since its establishment in 2016, with a current valuation of $6.7 million in 2020.

WaiveCar After the Shark Tank Update

Kevin O’Leary and WaiveCar reached an agreement, and the company received the promised funding from Kevin.

WaiveCar has sadly discontinued operations, but Zoni and Isaac have joined ReefDrive and have begun renting out “fun utility vehicles” instead of older-style electric cars. They are also present in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, and Miami.

Advertisers can now create and deliver advertising directly to automobiles by integrating their marketing automation software with WaiveCar’s digital platform. This element dramatically enhances the charm of the encounter.

Is Waivecar Still In Business?

WaiveCar is now on pause to regain itself. The founders are working on a new REEF project, which aims to convert static parking lots into improved mobility and logistical centers. The company owners updated the Instagram post with a genuinely fresh attitude to declare that the company is working on “something wonderful.”

What Is WaiveCar’s Net Worth?

WaiveCar was valued at $25 million when it went on Shark Tank. WaiveCar’s net worth is still being determined as of 2023 because the company stopped operations.


What happened to the WaiveCar Shark Tank?

REEF purchased the company in December 2021 for an equity stake. The WaiveCar name will redirect to REEFDRIVE.com, the firm that acquired Waive; they are an electric vehicle-sharing program comparable to Waive by September 2022. Isaac and Zoli are still employed there.

Who are the WaiveCar founders?

WaiveCar was founded in 2014 by Zoli Honig and Issac Deutsch.

What is the value of WaiveCar?

WaiveCar helps clients to reduce travel costs and transition to more environmentally friendly modes of transportation. Since its inception, the company has raised approximately $3.5 billion.

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