Haldiram Success Story: Snacks and Restaurant Company


Haldiram is such a name, which is on everyone’s tongue today. This means even if you are talking about snacks, then the name Haldiram’s Bhujia will come to your tongue. But do you know that Haldiram is the result of the passion of a boy from a family who sells Bikaner’s snacks in local shops to do something different.

So let’s know how this company has overtaken the big brands of the world and today it has become a product supply company in 80 countries.

Ganga Bishan Agarwal of Rajasthan started Haldiram in 1941. Before proceeding further, let me also tell you the logic behind this name. Actually, Ganga Bishan’s mother used to affectionately call him Haldiram and that is why she gave this product the same name.

Bishan Agarwal

Ganga Bishan’s father used to make Bhujia and supply it to the shopkeepers. Although he used to help his father a little, he was very interested in learning the method of making Bhujia.

At that time all the Bhujia makers used to make the same type of Bhujia, which was also very much liked. But Haldiram didn’t like this much. He wanted to upgrade his Bhujia further.

And that’s why after all the efforts, he found such a Bhujia Recipe, which was different and tasty from all the other Bhujia sellers in Bikaner.

He started making bhujia from moth beans instead of gram flour. Due to this the price of his Bhujia increased slightly. Where everyone was selling their bhujia for 2 paise per kg, Haldiram was priced at 5 paise per kg.

Now Haldiram benefited from this and people started considering it as a premium category product. Second, he named his Bhujia as Dongar Sev after the king of Bikaner. By the way, there was no connection between Raja and Sev far and wide. But that name acted as a brand ambassador and people started believing that Haldiram is a premium product.

Level up Haldiram

After this, Haldiram was raised one level up by Haldiram’s grandson Shiv Kishan Agarwal. He studied the snack preference of people from different cities like Mumbai, and Nagpur. And because their product was new, people started giving free samples.

Due to the less variety of sweets in the market, he also launched his Kaju katli, due to which Haldiram’s reach extended beyond Bikaner. After this, its current chairman Manohar Lal Agarwal took Haldiram to greater heights.

For this, he did two things. First, he paid attention to the packaging of the product, so that a premium brand feel came only after seeing the packet. And second, he focused on opening more and more stores across the country so that he could expand his reach to more people.

And the result of this hard work and the right strategies is that today Haldiram’s sales are more than brands like McDonald’s and Domino’s.

Friends, the biggest secret of Haldiram’s success is that they have upgraded the brand over time, as now Haldiram also sells packaged food. They are understanding the changing customer preferences with time and are launching new products accordingly.

By the way, why not come so many new products of Haldiram, my favorite is Bhujia only. Which product of Haldiram is your favorite, tell by commenting.

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