How did Bombay Sweet Shop achieve 4X revenue in a year?

D2C Superheroes: An Interakt Initiative | Bombay Sweet Shop

In early 2020, Bombay Sweet Shop started as an Indian sweets & confectionery store in the city of dreams – Mumbai, Maharashtra. The store was known for its authentic Indian sweets, snacks, and savories.

Prior to their market launch, the Bombay Sweet Shop team spent nearly 2 ½ years exploring and researching various places in India to understand traditional sweets and discover recipes and the flavors that went into them.

Finally, they mastered the art of preparing the sweets in their authentic, traditional form and then thought of fun ways to recreate them.  By adding modern ingredients, they would revamp the appearance or flavor of the traditional delights.

Today, people are not just looking for sweets to complement their happy occasions but experiences that can be cherished for a long time to come. This is exactly what Bombay Sweet Shop Mumbai was hoping to deliver.

They decided to grow their business online for which they needed a WhatsApp-based tool, but had no prior experience. And that’s when they decided to go the extra mile in transforming their business into a successful D2C brand using a powerful WhatsApp Business solution.

What were the challenges?

During the initial days, Bombay Sweet Shop Mumbai started facing a number of challenges in its traditional retail business. Along with the brunt of the Covid -19 lockdowns that kept people confined to their homes, sales were also declining, and competition was growing every day and hour.

In addition, their brick-and-mortar store was limited in its ability to reach new customers. They realized that they needed to take extend their reach & engage a wider audience to remain competitive in the market. Considering that the traditional email marketing technique is quite outdated, the question was how to reach your target customers, where they can actually respond back. The only name that came to their mind was – WhatsApp.

But when they started, the sweet shop received hundreds of queries from people who want to gift their products to friends or family. As a result, the queries kept piling up on their basic WhatsApp app. The core team found themselves spending way too much time responding to individual customer queries instead of focusing on ways to boost sales or get the products delivered on time.

In short, the challenge was to streamline and automate the entire selling process on WhatsApp right from menu selection to checkout to order confirmation, to shipment, and delivery.

What was the Solution?

Bombay Sweet Shop turned to Interakt, (A Reliance Jio-Haptik product). An end-to-end WhatsApp Business solution, that enables businesses quickly integrate their websites, e-stores, and CRM software to create a successful online store on WhatsApp. Interakt worked closely with Bombay Sweet Shop to understand their business, target audience, and unique selling points. Based on this information. They created a solution that helped Bombay Sweet Shop integrate their Shopify store and sync their entire product catalog on WhatsApp, and the rest is history.

  • WhatsApp Commerce: Interakt helped The Bombay Sweet Shop experience significant growth in their conversions via WhatsApp. Enabling them to engage their Shopify customers over WhatsApp, and auto-sync their Shopify products to increase their daily orders on a larger scale.
  • WhatsApp Marketing: Interakt facilitated the brand to send automated WhatsApp notifications campaigns. Keeping customers informed of their latest offers, discounts & alerts. Additionally, the brand was able to send order-related updates to customers promptly, as soon as orders were placed or shipped.
  • WhatsApp Automation: Interakt’s parent company Haptik, the leading conversational AI platform, designed a chatbot (Boondi) that took over Bombay Sweet Shop’s customer communication related to queries, products enquiries, order/delivery updates with customers who asked for it and delivered a 24/7 automated support using WhatsApp.

One standout feature of Interakt for the Bombay Sweet Shop was the capability to send abandoned cart recovery notifications. This increased their chances of customers clicking and completing their transactions. The brand also had the option to include a discount offer in the message to encourage customers to place their orders.

The process of creating WhatsApp template messages was efficient and effortless. Allowing the brand to create engaging messages that resonated with their customers.

What were the results?

The results of leveraging a powerful WhatsApp Business solution like Interakt have to be immediate and substantial. And as a result, the Bombay Sweet Shop saw a significant increase in its online sales and a wider reach to customers beyond its traditional brick-and-mortar store.

Not only that, but Interakt also allowed them to easily track and analyze customer behavior. Providing valuable insights into their target audience using a dedicated Shared Team Inbox. This is what Yash Bhanage, founder of the Bombay Sweet Shop has to say now:

“Since day one, working with Interakt has been extremely smooth for us, it fully integrates with Shopify hence any customer who creates any transaction on our website gets instant communication on WhatsApp.”‍

Yash Bhanage

What did Bombay Sweet Shop achieve after using Interakt?

After integrating its Shopify store with Interakt’s WhatsApp Business platform. The Bombay Sweet Shop witnessed astounding results for its newly growing business:


Wrapping Up:

Bombay Sweet Shop’s successful e-commerce transformation via WhatsApp serves. As a testament to the importance of adopting a WhatsApp Business platform to the changing market and technology. However, it is not a story of one single brand. More than 5000+ leading D2C brands in India are leveraging. Interakt’s WhatsApp Business platform solution to scale the sales, marketing, and support of their business. By working with a trusted WhatsApp Business solution. You can easily overcome these critical growth challenges in no time and scale your business rapidly.

For businesses looking to grow their sales via WhatsApp – Get started with Interakt today!

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