How to Build a Pollution Testing Center (PUC Center) & Earn Money


How to Build a Pollution Testing Center: People are always concerned about the PUC certificate under the new Motor Vehicle Act 2019 because failure to have one will result in a Rs 10,000 fine. To receive a NOC, a vehicle owner must pay between Rs 20 and Rs 200 at a PUC center.

As a result, car owners frequently form lines outside PUC centers in search of the PUC certificate. The current number of PUC centers is insufficient to give NOC to all vehicle owners that visit them. 

As a result, the PUC center has evolved into a realistic self-employment choice for the unemployed, requiring only a Rs 10,000 investment and offering the possibility of daily profits of up to Rs 5,000.

What is a PUC Center?


The government has created authorized institutions and utilized precise standards to manage and measure vehicular emissions. 

These facilities are tasked with conducting emissions testing on motor vehicles and verifying compliance with pollution control legislation, and they are eventually referred to as “PUC Centers” (Pollution Under Control Centers).

Authorized employees at a PUC center examine automobiles by connecting them to emission testing equipment. This instrument measures the exhaust gases released by engines.

When the test is finished, the PUC unitholder issues the vehicle owner a certificate. This certificate (PUC Certificate) informs if the vehicle meets the required emission standards or whether maintenance is required to minimize emissions.

Space Required for PUC Center Dealership

To own and manage a PUC unit, a space of at least 50 square feet or 2.5m X 2.0m x2.0m in length, breadth, and height is required, which can be owned, leased, or rented. 

This space is supposed to be in a highly accessible area, such as a petrol/CNG pump, to generate a regular flow of consumers.

Requirements to Start a PUC Center

  1. Interested candidates must have the necessary cash in the range of ₹50,000 to ₹1 lakh, as well as a minimum area of 50 square feet.
  2. According to Transport Department requirements, candidates must own a computer system and software.
  3. Interested PUC candidates must pass the Intermediate exam (+2 or higher secondary), be a resident of India, and have their personal documents verified.

Documents required for PUC Center

  • Copies of IT equipment invoices/Performa invoices 
  • Exhaust Gas Analyzer’s valid approval certificate
  • The AMC contract for the analyzer and accompanying equipment was accepted.
  • Details about the authorized operator, including educational, training, and technical certificates
  • Certificate of land usage
  • NOC from car manufacturer/oil company to function as a PCC Trade License from local authority
  • Valid dealership agreement based on vehicle manufacturer authorization
  • Demand Draft Details for Rs.5000/- Authorization Fee

What is the PUC Center Profit Margin?

The profitability of a PUC unit is affected by a variety of factors, including location, overhead expenses, market circumstances and demand, average vehicle traffic, and much more.

Vehicle owners often spend between 100 and 150 to receive a PUC certificate. Furthermore, an approved center owner is accountable for paying 2 for a government sticker that is attached while issuing the pollution certificate to car owners, according to a reputable source. The leftover earnings from PUC center operations are the PUC unit owner’s income.

Based on that estimate, if an authorized PUC unit issues more than 10-20+ certificates per day, it is conceivable to earn between 30,000 and 60,000 per month.

How To Apply For A Pollution Testing Center?

A pollution testing center can be placed any location near a car repair or a gas station.

  • To create an authorized Vehicle Pollution Checking Center, you must first get a license from the Regional Transport Officer (RTO).  Some states allow for online applications.
  • Visit to apply online.
  • The local authority must provide a No Objection Certificate.

Wrapping It Up

Due to the strict fines established by the Motor Vehicle Act 2019, car owners are now more aware of the necessity to renew their insurance and often get pollution control certificates for their vehicles. 

While some people oppose the strict automobile laws, others can make up to Rs 5,000 per day by investing Rs 10,000 in one go. PUC centers, also known as Pollution Under Control Centers, are a simple method to find work.

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