What Happened To IceBeanie In Shark Tank?


IceBeanie Shark Tank Update: Sharktank is back again with another episode that promoted the Icebeanie. This time the showstoppers have returned with a unique product which is an iced hat to cure migraine in patients.

The hat was much innovative to catch the attention of the judges as it has been found that almost 10% of people in the world are affected by migraines between the age gap between 20 to 50 years of age. It has been found that 17.1% of women and the 5.6% of men suffer from migraine.

People often mistake it for a common headache and neglect it completely which can be associated with a number of issues and health-related risks.

The most harmful effects and one of the common symptoms of a migraine is that it can happen for up to 4 days, unlike a simple headache to get relived effectively. Some migraines are even associated with other symptoms and harms such as vision, nausea, blurred vision as well as confusion related to the sickness.

However, there are several treatments for migraine that have different symptoms associated with them as well. The new invention has changed the concept and the perspectives of the people.

The innovative iced hat has been made with the sole idea to ensure that people can get rid of migraines without having to use any kind of drugs and avoid the risk of having any symptoms upon usage.

The innovative and creative product has been brought up by a person called Nic Lamb who has named their product as IceBeanie. Let us dive a little deeper and get a better idea of the product called Icebeanie further.

Icebeanie Founder Nic Lamb

IceBeanie Shark Tank Update

Entrepreneurs:Nic Lamb
Net Worth:$1.2 Million *Estimated
Product:Natural Compression Cold Therapy for Headaches, Concussions, and Migraines
Asked For:$50,000 for 20% Equity
Final Deal:$50,000 for 25% Equity
Shark:Mark Cuban
Episode:Season 12 Episode 13
Air Date:February 12, 2021
Go To Amazon:Buy Now
Website:Visit Website
Shark Tank Update

What all this fuss is about?

The product is a highly effective compression therapy for headaches associated with a cold and compressed effect of migraines, concussions, and even minor head pains.

Applying cold Ice is effective but people get often frustrated from having to apply the pack of eyes on the head for a long period of time.

That is why the Icebeanie product has been highly effective to replace it with an innovative cold hat and help them get rid of migraine pain efficiently. Even sports-related injuries can be cured with the help of this Icebeanie as well.

How it’s Works

Who founded Icebeanie?

The mastermind behind the product, Icebeanie was founded by an individual known as Nic Lamb. He is a big wave surfer by profession, a man with many talents! Nic soon became a professional surfer as he started to take part in professional surfing all around the world when he was just 9 years old.

His latest victory was in Spain when he became the national Mavericks champion in the year 2016.

Did Icebeanie Make It?

As expected, the idea was very much liked by all the sharks and they immediately opted to make a deal with Nic for launching the unique product.

There are over 40 million cases in the US where individuals suffers frequently due to migraine attacks. Nic demanded an amount of $50,000 for a 20% equity of the company.

As the judges were much impressed by the simple but unique product, Marck Cuban became a partner of the brand by investing $50,000 but with a 25% equity agreement with the brand. The product was sold for about 25000 units in only just 1 year of time period!

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