What Happened To Halloween Moments After Shark Tank?


In Episode 3 of Season 14, Daryl Braithwaite introduced his Halloween Moments business on Shark Tank. The item was a unique scraper for cleaning the inside of a pumpkin before carving it that fastens to the user’s hands. Let’s find out if Daryl successfully reached an agreement with the sharks and obtained the $300,000 investment he so desperately required. Following our discussion of the talks, we’ll give you a vital shark tank Halloween Moments update.

Americans expect to spend $804 million on pumpkins alone for Halloween in 2022. This amount rises annually.

Shark Tank Halloween Moments Update

Company:Halloween Moments
Entrepreneurs:Daryl Kay Braithwaite
Product:Pumpkin Glove Scraper Kits
Ask:$300,000 for 10% equity
Result:No deal
Episode:Season 14, Episode 3
Air Date:7 Oct 2022
Headquarters:New York, New York City, US
Website:Visit Website
Halloween Moments net worth$110k Estimated
Company Details

Halloween Moments: What Are They?

Photo Credit: Halloween Moments

A Halloween Moments company produces Pumpkin Glove Scraper Kits that may be used to carve a pumpkin quickly. Any child or young person can utilize this comfortable pumpkin glove.

The top of this Pumpkin Glove Scraper Cleaning and Carving Kit contains a cutter that precisely carves the pumpkin’s interior.

This glove shields the arm from pumpkin water and has a nylon sleeve. The finger of the glove has a full plastic scoop and an aluminum blade with serrations for scraping the inside of the pumpkins.

Knives and gloves are both dishwasher-safe. The Adult Pumpkin Glove, Adult + Kids Pumpkin Glove, and 2-Pack Adult Pumpkin Glove are available in this pumpkin glove scraper kit in several sizes.

These protective latex gloves range from $14.99 to $19.99 USD depending on size.

Who Is The Founder Of Halloween Moments?

Darly Kay Braithewaite is the CEO and founder of Halloween Moments. Who comes from a farming family and has four children.

He enjoys pumpkin cravings with his family around Halloween. We must remove the slimy when the top is cut off before desire. However, his children cannot accomplish so, which is how Darly got the concept for this product, Halloween Moments.

After Shark Tank, What Happened To Halloween Moments?

Shark liked the Pumpkin Glove Scraper Kits product, but he needed to understand the company’s valuation because there were few sales. In addition, the business owner made significant investments in his organization but has yet to get a similar return.

Shark claimed that they would do business with this company since the selling of this kit will be particularly brisk around Halloween.

Many individuals would undoubtedly purchase this item around Halloween because it makes cutting the pumpkin into the proper form easier.

This company has generated $110,000 in lifetime sales as of January 2021. Their sales are rising gradually.

Numerous people have expressed their perspectives about the Halloween Moments merchandise, and some have said something.

After watching this Shark Tank Halloween moments episode, several customers went directly to the website and purchased the Pumpkin Glove Scraper Kits.

What Is Halloween Moment’s Net Worth?

Many people use this product when carving pumpkins because it is famous throughout Halloween. Halloween Moment’s net worth is thought to be around $90,000. During the Halloween season, this product’s sales will rise significantly.

Halloween Moment: Is It Still Working?

Halloween Moment offers a straightforward solution to the issue of pumpkin carving. Many people will use its product, Pumpkin Glove Scraper Kits, during Halloween.

To expand this firm, a solid marketing plan and significant funding are required. This product has been discussed extensively in the media since Shark Tank Halloween moments, especially Studio5.

Yes, as of December 2022, Halloween Moment is still in action.

What is Halloween Moments net worth ?

The company has undergone significant expansion and achieved notable
results following to its appearance on Shark Tank, including the purchase
of extra financial resources and the establishment of cooperative

Halloween Moment’s estimated net worth is roughly $1,10,000. The
product in question is anticipated to have a major increase in sales over
the Halloween season.

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