What Happened To ChessUp After Shark Tank?


ChessUp is a smart chess board that analyzes your game and provides guidance on the right moves through an integrated instructional system. The founders of ChessUp, Jeff Wigh, Adam Roush, and Justin Farrell, estimated the Chess up net worth at $3 million in 2023.

Who Is The Founder Of ChessUp?

Three Olathe entrepreneurs developed the product. Allegro Microsystems, Herzog, and Garmin’s product development teams have included MIT MBA Jeff Wigh.

Adam Roush attended the University of Kansas and got degrees in both industrial and product design. Industrial designer with Garmin after graduation. Roush became product architect and creative lead.

Justin Farrell studied electronics engineering at DeVry University. He is a web developer and programmer, although nothing is known about his early career.

Chessup shark tank Update

Company NameBryght Labs
FounderAdam Roush, Jeff Wigh and Justin Farrell
ProductLearn Chess through AI smart device.
Asked For$300K for a 5% equity
Final Deal$300K for 5% equity and repay 3% of every sale
until paid back 1.5 times $450,000
SharkLori Greiner
Shark tank Chess Up EpisodeS14 E9
Chessup shark tank Air DateDec 9, 2022
Business StatusIn Business
HeadquartersOverland Park, Kansas, United States
Chess Up net worth (Sales)$3 Million *Estimated
Chess Up InstagramVisit Profile
Watch onAmazon Prime

Another Shark Tank Pitch:

ChessUp Shark Tank Net Worth

In Shark Tank Season 14 Episode 9, the company requested $300,000 for 5% stock at $6 million.

Technology teaches Chess via ChessUp. It offers movements in green, blue, and red using AI.

Lori Greiner spent $300,000 for 5% stock and 3% royalty till she recouped 1.5x her investment, whereas Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, and Barbara Corcoran declined. The estimated ChessUp net worth in 2023 at $3 million USD.

Shark Lori Greiner – ChessUp Founders Adam Roush & Jeff Wigh

What happened with ChessUp After Shark Tank?

The Kansas natives brought their creation to the Tank with the hope that it would finally be recognized for its merits.

The show may have premiered in December 2022, but it has already received overwhelmingly positive feedback from fans. There may be a delay in shipment since this company is still processing Kickstarter orders.

You can purchase the online Chess set from a variety of retailers, including Amazon and the company’s own website, PlayChessUp.com. The Kickstarter campaign is still running, so you may place an order there as well.

The price at $299, and the device includes access to the app.

The average review score for ChessUp on Amazon is 4.1 stars. Backers’ comments on Kickstarter have been mainly positive, with multiple customers particularly impressed by the product’s build quality. Chessup shark tank is doing well right now and is probably worth $3 million.

What is the price of ChessUp?

ChessUp keeps players happy, improves their talents, and keeps the sport alive. The high-tech smartboard comes with its own artificial intelligence, touch-sensitive parts, light indicators, and a companion app at a price of $299.

Is ChessUp Still In Business?

ChessUp is still in business in February 2023. Jeff Wigh, Justin Farrell, and Adam Roush formed the Overland Park-based corporation. Beginners may learn Chess using ChessUp, a smart chessboard with an instructor. It has items available on playchessup.com.

The co-founders began fundraising in April 2021 and made a deal with Lori Greiner on ABC’s Shark Tank in January 2023.


Who found the ChessUp?

Bryght Labs, a company with its headquarters in Overland Park, Kansas, has released its first game, ChessUp.

What is Chess up net worth?

Between $1 and $2.5 million is Chess Up Net worth.

Where’s Bryght Labs?

The headquarters of Bryght Labs may be located in Overland Park, Kansas.

How does ChessUp work?

Touch a piece and its movements displayed on the board. ChessUp records every move and alerts you when you make an unethical move. All of your opponent’s movements are highlighted on the board as they happen. Lichess integration ensures a match.

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