What Happened To Krapp Strapp After Shark Tank?


Krapp Strapp After Shark Tank Update: Karpp Strapp is an outdoor toilet solution for men and women. These two co-owners are running the hunting gear business Air Boss Motion Decoys.

Bob Legg created the first “Motion Duck decoy” for hunting. Karpp Strapp is the best-selling product of “Air Boss Motion Decoys” and is considered to be perfect for going “number 2” outdoors.

What Is Krapp Strapp?


Krapp Strapp is a device bag that helps in doing “Number 2” outdoors. This device has a zipper pocket in which you can keep toilet paper and other things.

When this device bag is wrapped around your back and in the tree, a proper toilet position is created and it keeps the body positioning secure. If you go outdoors for hunting, camping, cycling, fishing, etc. then you can create a bathroom facility with this device. The cost of this product is $49.95 and it is available on Amazon.

Who Is The Founder Of Krapp Strapp?

The inventors of the Karpp Strapp product are Keith Lindsey and Bob Legg. They officially launched this product in 2022.

Krapp Strapp Shark Tank Update

Company NameKrapp Strapp
FounderKeith Lindsey and Bob Legg
ProductBathroom Outdoor Solution
Asked For$65k for 10% equity
Final Deal$65k for 33.3% equity
SharkDaymond John
Lori Greiner
Episode (Shark Tank USA)S15 E6
Air DateNov 3, 2023
Business StatusIn Business
Krapp Strapp Net Worth$100k *estimated
HeadquartersJacksonville, Texas, USA
Krapp Strapp InstagramView Profile
Krapp Strapp shark tank update and company details

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Krapp Strapp on Shark tank Pitch

Keith and Bob asked the Sharks for $65k for 10% equity after appearing on Shark Tank. After seeing the Karpp Strapp product, all the sharks started laughing. It has two zip pockets and can handle weight up to approximately 400 pounds. Bob is 81 years old and is a very funny person.

This product became available in the market in October 2022 and they sold 4,000 units (Value: $199,800) without advertising. The making cost of the product is $17 and it is sold for $49.95.

They need sharks for sales and marketing of the product. Mark, Kevin, and Roblox refused to invest in this business and this Shark is not that good at outdoor products. Daymond John and Lori Greiner both teamed up and offered $65k for 35% equity.

Bob countered 25% equity but Lori countered 33.3% equity so Keith and Bob agreed to the offer.

Krapp Strapp Net Worth


Krapp Strapp’s net worth is estimated at $0.1 million. This is a unique product but we feel that it may get dirty on the pants and legs. We hope that after Shark Tank the sales of this product will increase.

Is Krapp Strapp Still In Business?

Yes, Krapp Strapp is still in business as of November 2023.

It has been a long time since this product came into the market and there are many people who do not have any information about this product. Due to this episode being aired, many people have come to know about this product.

The headquarters of this company is in Jacksonville, Texas, United States, and 1+ people are working in it.


Who founded Karpp Strapp?

The inventors of the Karpp Strapp product are Keith Lindsey and Bob Legg.

What is Karpp Strapp net worth?

Karpp Strapp’s net worth is estimated at $0.1 million.

Is Krapp Strapp Still In Business?

Yes, Krapp Strapp is still in business as of November 2023

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