What Happened To Trophy Smack After Shark Tank?


Trophy Smack After Shark Tank Update: Fantasy sports enthusiasts Matt Walsh and Dax Holt founded Trophy Smack in 2017. Trophy Smack has a net value of $3.5 million as of September 2023 and generates $1,000,000 in annual revenue. 

They went on Season 12 of Shark Tank USA in January 2022 and reached a deal with Mark Cuban for $600,000 in exchange for 17% of the company. 

The entrepreneur had originally estimated a valuation of $7.5 million. However, this was reduced to $3.5 million before closing.

What Is Trophy Smack?

TrophySmack is an awarding company based in Orange, California, that creates one-of-a-kind trophies, championship rings, belts, and other accessories.

Trophy Smack designs football, baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, golf, youth sports, esports, and gaming awards.

Who Is The Founder Of Trophy Smack?

Trophy Smack was launched in 2017 by Matt Walsh and Dax Holt. Business owner Matt Walsh has extensive experience in the supply chain and logistics industries. In addition, he has three online stores that bring in over $8 million annually in revenue. 

Dax Holt, the next founder, was well-known as an on-air personality. “On Air with Ryan Seacrest,” “Howard Stern,” and “Kevin & Bean” were some of the extremely notable programs he presented. 

As of the year 2023, Matt Walsh and Dax Holt, co-founders of Trophy Smack, have amassed a net worth of $4.15 million.

Know About the Trophy Smack Shark Tank Update

Trophy Smack Shark Tank Update

Company NameTrophy Smack
FounderMatt Walsh and Dax Holt
Productcustomize your own fantasy sports trophies, rings, and belts
Asked For$600,000 for 8% equity
Final Deal$600,000 for 17% equity
SharkMark Cuban
Trophy Smack Shark Tank Episode Season 12, Episode 9
Air DateJanuary 8, 2021
Business StatusIn Business
Trophy Smack Net Worth$10 Million Estimated
Trophy Smack InstagramVisit Here
GO TO AMAZONView Product
Trophy Smack Shark Tank And Company Details

Trophy Smack on Shark Tank Pitch

In Season 12 of the TV show “Shark Tank,” the pair made an appearance seeking a $600,000 investment in exchange for an 8% stake in their company. The sharks, initially surprised by the substantial valuation, are impressed upon learning the figures. 

The team consistently achieves impressive profit margins of 80% while successfully growing revenue on an annual basis, especially in the face of the COVID-19 epidemic. 

Daymond John withdraws from investing in fantasy sports due to his perception of its lack of value. 

Kevin O’Leary expresses concerns about competition but proposes a $600,000 investment in exchange for a 25% stake in the business. He believes he can successfully integrate it into the corporate market. 

Mark Cuban makes a proposition to invest $600,000 in exchange for a 17% stake in the company. 

Nevertheless, he lacks the patience to await a response and is threatening to withdraw if they allocate time to consider Lori Greiner’s next proposal. Impulsively, the pair chooses Cuban cuisine without consulting Greiner. 

Trophy Smack After Shark Tank

Starting from their beginnings on Shark Tank to their present state as a successful enterprise, they have demonstrated that with the appropriate concept and implementation, anything can be achieved. We eagerly anticipate the future of Trophy Smack and its further prosperity. 

Trophy Smack Net Worth


After receiving funding from Shark Tank, Trophy Smack’s trophy sales increased to $1 million in 30 days. The game seasons of popular sports, like football, basketball, soccer, etc., account for the majority of its sales. A few years back, this company hit $10 million in lifetime sales. So, we can assume that Trophy Smack’s Net Worth will be greater than $10 million.

Is Trophy Smack Still In Business?

Trophy Smack is still doing well, and the plan is to progressively increase sales over time.

Matt and Dax are reliable business partners; they’ve helped boost sales significantly, and now Mark is on board to offer additional direction.

An 80% profit margin for the business owner means higher prices for consumers. We think it can develop even quicker if its margin is raised to 50% or 60%.

TrophySmack has stiff competition in the booming fantasy sports market, but the company continues to turn a profit.


Who Founded Trophy Smack?

Matt Walsh and Dax Holt founded the Trophy Smack.

What is Trophy Smack Net Worth?

Trophy Smack net worth is $10 Million.

Is Trophy Smack Still In Business?

Yes, Trophy Smack is still in business.

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