What Happened To PaddleSmash After Shark Tank?


PaddleSmash After Shark Tank Update: Imagine a combination of pickleball and spikeball. The result is Paddlesmash, an exciting new game that combines two rapidly growing activities.

The game’s rules are straightforward. Teams of two stand in the center of a netted court, while one-on-one and other team configurations are also possible. Players on each side of the court use their paddles to hit the ball back into play. 

There is a limit of three hits per team to get the ball into the court. The ball must leave the court and travel over and out of the net for the hit to count. If it doesn’t go through the goal or lands on the ground outside, the other team scores a goal. 

Within the first five to ten minutes of playing the game, almost all of users have mastered it.

What Is PaddleSmash?

After making its debut on Season 15 Episode 4 of Shark Tank, Paddlesmash has become a popular outdoor game. It’s a novel combination of pickleball and spikeball, creating a fun and exciting game for people of all ages and ability levels to enjoy.

Who Is The Founder Of PaddleSmash?

PaddleSmash is an outdoor game that combines the most favorable aspects of Spikeball and Pickleball, resulting from the joint endeavor of inventor Joe Bingham and entrepreneurs Tim Swindle and Scott Brown.  

Founder Of PaddleSmash Tim Swindle (Left) and Scott Brown

Know About the PaddleSmash Shark Tank Update

Tim and Scott will give a presentation to the five “Sharks” about the company’s potential. 

To get a Shark investment, they need to convince Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, Barbara Corcoran, and Robert Herjavec. 

Good sales, solid finances, and a well-thought-out business plan statistics are going to impress the Sharks, but they still need to prove they can manage the show.

PaddleSmash Shark Tank Update

Company NamePaddleSmash
FounderTim Swindle, Scott Brown and Joe Bingham
ProductNew Outdoor Game
Asked For$250k for 10% equity
Final Deal$250k for 20% equity
SharkMark Cuban and Robert Herjavec
PaddleSmash Shark Tank EpisodeS15 E4
Air DateOct 20, 2023
Business StatusIn Business
HeadquartersAlpine, Utah, USA
PaddleSmash Net Worth$1M Estimated
PaddleSmash InstagramView Profile
PaddleSmash Shark Tank And Company Details

PaddleSmash on Shark Tank Pitch


The creators of Paddlesmash pitched their idea with confidence and energy on the Shark Tank episode. They showed off the simple rules, which involve using paddles to strike a rubber ball at an opponent while avoiding the net that hangs in the middle. 

Individuals, pairs, or even bigger groups can all get in on the action because of the game’s adaptability.

Given the proliferation of backyard games in recent years, the Sharks saw Paddlesmash as a potential business prospect. 

The game’s simple concept and widespread appeal won them over because of its positive effects on players’ health and social lives. Furthermore, Paddlesmash is simple to put up and use in a variety of outdoor situations due to its portable nature and well-designed equipment.

PaddleSmash After Shark Tank

Despite not getting a deal on Shark Tank, Paddlesmash became widely known and popular because to the show’s promotion. Paddlesmash is a popular new backyard activity that brings people together for friendly competition and a good time.

Overall, Paddlesmash’s presence on Shark Tank proved its worth as a fun and interesting pastime to enjoy in the great outdoors. 

Paddlesmash’s rising popularity is evidence that the game has what it takes to become a classic among backyard games thanks to its unique combination of well-known sports, simple rules, and malleable play.

PaddleSmash Net Worth


Monosuit has a fortune of about half a million dollars. A combination of pickleball and Spikeball, this sport is very unique. 

Is PaddleSmash Still In Business?

PaddleSmash is still working in 2023.

Sales for PaddleSmash quickly climbed into the millions not long after the company’s 2021 inception.

There are between 2 and 10 employees at the Alpine, Utah, headquarters of this corporation.


Who Founded PaddleSmash?

The Co-Founders of PaddleSmash Game Company are Tim Swindle, Scott Brown, and Joe Bingham. Joe is the creator of this game.

What is PaddleSmash Net Worth?

PaddleSmash net worth is $1M.

Is PaddleSmash Still In Business?

Yes, PaddleSmash is still in business.

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