What Happened To Cabinet Health After The Shark Tank?


A healthcare company called Cabinet Health offers plastic-free packaging to both consumers and businesses. The business offers basic daily medications in environmentally friendly packaging. This business specializes in offering better packaging that is free of plastic.

The Sustainable Healthcare Company, Cabinet Health, revealed today that it had raised $17 million in growth capital.

Cabinet Health, a provider of sustainable, refillable medicine bottles, was looking for an investment of $500,000 for a 2.5% equity stake in the program.

The business plans to grow in 2023 in order to offer consumers high-quality, plastic-free alternatives for typical, daily-use medications through retailers, pharmacies, and prescriptions.

What Is Cabinet Health?

The world’s first refillable and compostable medicine system was created by Cabinet Health, a sustainable healthcare organization, and it provides a significant response to the growing plastic waste crisis.

By generating an average of 110 percent growth year over year with its over-the-counter offerings, which include cold and flu, allergy, digestion, pain, and sleep, Cabinet Health has demonstrated its concept to investors and customers.

Cabinet Health’s goal is to make healthcare products and packaging more environmentally friendly, from retail and pharmacy aisles to our medicine cabinets and homes, as the creator of the first refillable and compostable medication system.

The company’s goal is to totally eliminate single-use plastic from the pharmaceutical industry, which annually produces more than 190 billion bottles. It is estimated that 97% of these bottles end up as microplastics in our oceans, landfills, and, eventually, our bodies.

Who Is The Founder Of Cabinet Health?

With the help of common medications, Cabinet Health, a 2017 startup, is creating a sustainable healthcare organization. The business recently secured $17 million in growth capital to support its rapid expansion and entry into new markets.

Cabinet Health was co-founded by Achal Patel. The business was started by him and Russell Gong in 2018.

Achal Patel Right, and Russell Gong, the co-founders of Cabinet Health

Cabinet Health shark tank update

They discussed an actual problem in the pharmaceutical sector with Shark and offered their glass cabinet container as a potential solution.

Company NameCabinet Health
FounderAchal Patel and Russ Gong
Productsustainable healthcare plastic free packaging
Asked For$500k for 2.5% equity
Final Deal$500,000 for 7% equity + 2% Royalty
SharkTony Xu and Kevin O’Leary
Shark tank Cabinet Health EpisodeS14 E11
Air DateJan 13, 2023
Business StatusIn Business
HeadquartersNew York City, New York, United States
Lifetime Net Worth (Sales)$25 Million *estimated
Cabinet Health InstagramView Profile
Cabinet Health WebsiteVisit Here
WATCH ONAmazon Prime
Cabinet Health shark tank update

Another Shark Tank Pitch:

What happened to Cabinet Health after Shark Tank?

On January 13, 2023, Cabinet Health made an appearance on the cabinet health shark tank. They promoted their organic over-the-counter medications that were sold in refillable, compostable pouches and reusable glass jars with child-resistant lids.

Cabinet Health has continued to conduct business since its Shark Tank appearance, but overall profitability is not anticipated to occur until late 2023. But with Tony Xu and Kevin O’Leary on board, they hope to turn a profit soon.

Cuban was skeptical, but Cabinet Health managed to negotiate a $500K deal for a 7% equity stake and a 2% royalty until the Sharks received $1 million back.

What is Cabinet Health Net worth?

Cabinet Health net worth following its appearance on Shark Tank Cabinet Health, there are conflicting reports. As of 2023, one source pegs their net worth at about $23.6 million USD, while the other pegs it at $7.1 million.

The market for pharmaceutical packaging was valued at $127 billion globally in 2022, and by 2030, it is anticipated to reach $265.5 billion.


Who Was the Founder of Cabinet Health?

2018 saw the founding of Cabinet Health by Achal Patel and Russ Gong.

What is the net worth of Cabinet Health?

The estimated value of Cabinet Health is $7.1 million.

Does Cabinet Health still go about its business?

As of February 2023, Cabinet Health is still in operation. 2018 saw the establishment of the business by Achal Patel and Russ Gong.

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