An Autobiography of Sagar Agravat: Middle-Class to Export Success


Mr. Sagar Agravat went up from low beginnings to become an esteemed person in the international export sector. His rising is an amazing story of desire and endurance, and it is a story that is worth telling. Sagar Agravat was born on August 23, 1993, in Vasavad, Gondal, Gujarat, India. He began his life in a household that belonged to the middle class, and both of his parents were teachers.

Early Challenges and Career Transition

After completing his education, Sagar began his professional life by working in the banking industry. On the other hand, the ambition he had to launch his own company never faded. He made a bold choice to leave his job of 12000 rupees and follow his ambition of being an entrepreneur, despite the fact that he was confronted with difficulties and did not have a good financial basis.

The Birth of Horizon Exim

At the age of 22, Sagar made the decision to enter the export industry. He did so with a strong sense of dedication and power, taking inspiration from his Gujarati background, which has a long and illustrious history of business efforts. 

Sagar was unwavering in his goal, even though he faced some early challenges and did not have access to an appropriate platform. He started his business with only 25000 rupees. 

However, this milestone came with a setback as he faced a loss of ₹10 lakh. Despite this setback, Sagar did not lose hope. He had been working hard and passionately for three years before he was finally able to get his first export order, which marked the birth of Horizon Exim.

International Acknowledgment and Development

The company Horizon Exim has seen substantial expansion under Sagar’s leadership over the eight-year period prior. At the present time, the company is exporting agricultural goods to over 20 different nations, like Europe, Dubai, Bangladesh, Jurmony, Shri Lanka, France, and Italy, therefore increasing its position in the international market. 

The agricultural items of export are lemon, chili, ginger, fenugreek, maida flour, and wheat flour. What began as a dream has now transformed into a reality, making Sagar a successful exporter, YouTuber, and business icon.

A Contribution to the Community

Sagar is interested in contributing to society since he is not happy with his own success. He developed the Horizon Institution of Import and Export (HIIEM), which is a practical training institution that has become India’s institute in the area of exporting, which is developing at the fastest rate. 

Sagar has educated over 5 thousand people through his training platform, HIIEM, as well as his renowned YouTube channel, which has the same name. He has shared his knowledge and experience with a multitude of people.

Background and Impact of Education


Sagar graduated from NRIBM GLS in Ahmedabad with a Master’s MBA degree in Marketing. Over the course of his journey from starting out small to exporting to over 20 nations, he has not only become a successful exporter and entrepreneur, but he has also established himself as a model in the field of exporting and importing goods. 

Sagar has a social media following of more than 100,000 people, which has earned him the reputation of being a young star and a leader in the business.

Continuing Inspiration and Leadership

As Sagar Agravat continues to inspire and lead in the ever-changing world of export business, he has established a strong presence on social media, established a popular YouTube channel, and accumulated an ever-growing list of successes. The narrative of his successes acts as a source of motivation and support for prospective business owners across India. It shows the importance of dedication and determination in the search for success. 

Wrapping It up

Sagar Agravat’s journey from a humble beginning to a leader in the export industry is a testament to his perseverance and determination. His story inspires many to chase their dreams and proves that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible. If you aspire to earn money through import-export, be sure to visit Sagar Agravat’s YouTube channel for valuable insights.

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