Amit Jain Success Story – CEO and Co-founder of CarDekho


Amit Jain – Education & Professional Life

Amit Jain is a resident of Jaipur and has studied at IIT Delhi. After graduating in 1999, he got placement as a software engineer in Tata Consultancy Services.

After working in this position for a year, Trilogy was offered the position of Senior Associate, Delivery Manager, and Product Manager.

Till 2006, Amit was working only as an employee. But in 2006, he came to know that his father had cancer and because of this he had to return home.

But when Amit returned home, he did not return alone. He returned with the dream of setting up his own company.

Amit Jain – Bio Graphy

NameAmit Jain
BirthplaceJaipur, India
Born12th November 1977
EducationIIT Delhi
PositionCEO & CoFounder, CarDekho

Amit Jain – Personal Life and Position of Responsibility

Amit’s father used to do astrology along with a semi-precious stone business. His father died in 2006 due to cancer. After that Amit and his brother Anurag left their family business and thought of starting a new startup and set out on the path of becoming an Entrepreneur and started their own software outsourcing company named “GirnarSoft” in Jaipur.

Friends, like any successful entrepreneur, Amit also took risks. While on the one hand, people look for safe options in difficult times, they took the risk. And the result of this risk is, today the valuation of his company is worth crores.

Everything went normal for 2 years but after that their life was about to change all this happened when both the brothers went to an Auto Expo in 2008.

There the idea of ​​Cardekho came to his mind and he started his new venture “Car Dekho”.

Although the company became profitable for him only after one year of starting the company, he suffered a lot in the stock market.

But it is said that failures are failures until they learn from their mistakes. Jain brothers did not make this mistake. He learned from his setbacks. And see today Car Dekho is one of the Leading ventures.

The biggest hand in the success of Car Dekho was his strategy. First of all, they saw that whatever platform is there to buy and sell second-hand cars is offline. Which he brought online.

Between 2009 and 2012, their growth was stable. But as soon as the reach of the internet increased in the country, their popularity increased.

His best thing was, he used to pay a lot of attention to consumer service. That is, their prime focus was that no customer should go disappointed.

Because of this, their mouth-to-mouth marketing started increasing a lot. Mouth-to-mouth marketing means you have taken something, you liked it, and now you have suggested the same brand to your friends and family.

Amit Jain Net Worth

Which also benefited them. Between 2012 and 2014, Car Dekho’s website was visited by 40 million unique users.

In today’s date, the valuation of the company is 1.2 billion dollars. That is roughly 9837 crore rupees. On the other hand, if we talk about Amit Jain’s net worth, then his net worth is 360 million dollars.

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