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You may or may not have heard the name Ranveer Allahbadia, but you must have seen his face while scrolling through YouTube.



This is Ranveer Allahbadia. He started his career in 2015 with BeerBiceps. And today Ranveer is one of the most popular content creators of YouTube. Ranveer is considered India’s biggest podcaster.

Today, Ranveer is running many businesses. And along with this, he is also a very active investor. They also keep investing in different companies and that is why their growth is so high.

In today’s video, we are going to tell you about all businesses of Ranveer.

Friends, Ranveer’s first business is beerbiceps youtube channel. Ranveer Allahbadia started his career on this channel. This channel was started by To Ranveer to share his weight loss and fitness journey on YouTube. But then maybe they would not even have the idea that beerbiceps would become their identity.

The Ranveer Show Podcast

This channel started with creating content on topics like fashion, grooming, personal finance, etiquette, meditation, mental health, and communication skills. And today Ranveer is known for his English podcast called ‘The Ranveer Show’. The Ranveer Show is considered to be the brainiest podcast for self-improvement.

After this Ranveer’s second channel is Ranveer Allahbadia’s YouTube channel. It is no longer the case that only those who know English can enjoy Ranveer’s podcasts.

Monk Entertainment

Ranveer’s 3rd business and his biggest source of earnings is Monk Entertainment. This company was started by Koranveer together with Viraj sheth.

The core team of Monk entertainment includes the company’s Co-founder & CEO Viraj Sheth, and Co-Founder Ranveer Allahbadia.

This company is for social media influencers and creators Advertisement Marketing, influencer marketing, brands, and social media management, and video production. Basically Ranveer’s company provides all the facilities to the content creators that they need.

It is possible that today in 2022 you may find a very unique idea, but Ranveer was running this business since 2017.

That is when there was no such flood of influencers on YouTube since then.

According to the estimate of Net Worth Spot, the net worth of monk Entertainment will be 371.69 thousand dollars i.e. approximately 3 crores. Although his actual net worth is unknown and it is believed that it will be much more than the voice estimate.


Ranveer’s fourth business is BigBrain.Co, in which Deepanshu Raj is the co-founder of Ranveer. By the way, Ranveer’s channel is based on Self Growth, Motivation etc.

But its face is not Ranveer himself. BigBrain.co is also basically a content creation company. By hiring YouTubers, and influencers, they work to make content for YouTube videos and Instagram reels.

That’s why if you have ever seen this channel then you would know that there is no fixed face in this channel. You see different creators in different videos.


Ranveer’s fifth business is ‘Level’. Now we all know that nowadays everyone is paying so much attention to their personality development and self-help.

Using this as an advantage, Ranveer started this business.

This is an App that helps you with things like self-help, Yoga, and Meditation. There have been 10 thousand-plus downloads of this App so far.

This Means Ranveer earns a lot from this app too. This is all Ranveer Allahbadia’s business but his sources of income are not limited to his business only. He also keeps investing in other companies which he has invested in companies like Sahi Coin, Stage, Akudo, BimaPay, Ready Get Set, and HYPD.

Now if we talk about Ranveer’s business strategies then it is clear that all the business of Ranveer Allahbadia is based on content creation.

And the reason for his success in this is his observation skills. He is a good observer, he knows very well what the audience needs.

Ranveer Allahbadia Net Worth

Ranveer Allahbadia’s net worth is currently estimated at $7 million, and if we convert it into Indian rupees, it is around 58 crore rupees, Ranveer Allahbadia is India’s most popular YouTuber, podcaster and a social media influencer and this income of Ranveer Allahbadia comes from the business we saw earlier.

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