What Happened To Bag Bowl After Shark Tank?


Bag Bowl was a success story of the ‘Shark Tank’ business pitch show when the company’s founders struck a deal with one of the investors. Here’s the latest on Bag Bowl’s valuation, along with additional business information.

What Is Bag Bowl?

The Bag Bowl amazes and proves to be a useful device that easily converts from a bag into a bowl with a few quick moves of the hands. The ability to make a product double-duty is not just innovative but also practical.

Because of its flexibility in transformation, it can be used by anyone. The Bag Bowl eliminates the need to bring a separate bowl if you plan on eating the food you put in it. It’s good for the environment because it can be recycled and reused.

Who Is The Founder Of Bag Bowl?

Bag Bowl was developed by brothers Kevin and Brian Fleming. Kevin first made it so that his dog could ride along with him and have access to a portable dish wherever they went.

Whether it’s a sandwich bag, a two-gallon zip lock, or any other kind of plastic bag, Bag Bowl can turn anything into a convenient portable bowl. It’s great for parties of all kinds, from potlucks to tailgates.


Bag Bowl may be quickly folded flat for storage when it’s not in use. It is microwave- and dishwasher-safe thanks to its BPA- and phthalate-free polypropylene construction, making it look and feel like a milk jug.

Brian is an experienced marketer turned real estate developer, and Kevin has worked in manufacturing. The brothers worked together on Bag Bowl because of its commercial potential.

Bag Bowl failed Wal-Mart’s 2011 Get on the Shelf contest. This patented product is being manufactured. Bag Bowl is eco-friendly and useful.


  • The product was simple but had some beneficial features.
  • Because of its minimalist design, Bag Bowl was convenient to transport.
  • The product’s small weight meant that it could be taken anywhere, making it a useful camping and party accessory.
  • People can use Bag Bowl to conveniently store their liquid leftovers in the freezer for use at a later time.
  • Bag Bowl was able to successfully prevent food from spilling and promote less food waste.
  • Bag Bowl was environmentally friendly since it could be recycled and reused.
  • A one-year warranty was included with the purchase.
  • The price of Bag Bowl was also very reasonable.

Know About the Bag Bowl Shark Tank Update

Due to production issues, Bag Bowl was delayed by two months in 2012 after it appeared on Shark Tank. In 2013, you can purchase the themed bag bowl.

The value of the Bag Bowl was estimated to be around $120,000 based on the interest shown by Shark Tank.

The daddio spill stopper training cup was first, followed by improved variants of the bag bowl.

They ran the company through 2018, managed activities from 2018 to 2020, and closed their companies in 2018 to focus on their careers.

The brothers sold the company and retired in 2018. Brian entered real estate and Kevin cloud computing.

Bag Bowl Shark Tank Update

Company NameBag Bowl
FounderKevin Fleming and Brian Fleming
ProductZipper bags for storage
Asked For$40,000 For 33% equity in Bag Bowl
Final Deal$40,000 For 33% equity in Bag Bowl
SharkLori Greiner
Bag Bowl Shark Tank Episode Season 4 Episode 4
Business StatusOut of Business
Bag Bowl Net WorthNot available as the company closed in 2018
Bag Bowl FacebookView Profile
Bag Bowl Shark Tank And Company Details

Another Shark Tank Pitch:

Bag Bowl on Shark Tank Pitch

On Shark Tank Episode 404, brothers Brian and Kevin Fleming pitched Bag Bowl. A bag Bowl is a plastic sleeve that turns any bag into a snack or storage bowl.

The brothers planned to sell their product to snack and storage bag makers.

The brothers growled and acted goofy during their presentation. Mark Cuban called them “wantrepreneurs.” The brothers requested $40,000 for 33% of their $121,212 in the business.

Robert, impressed by the product, offered $40,000 for a 45% interest, but Mark, Daymond, and Kevin declined. Lori offered $40,000 for 33% of a QVC sale.

After teasing the Sharks, the brothers signed Lori. Amazon sold the Bag Bowl two months after the show aired owing to a production delay. The product was promoted on QVC but is no longer available.

Bag Bowl After Shark Tank

While the Bag Bowl is now available on Amazon, production problems caused a delay of more than two months after the episode aired.


According to Kevin Fleming’s LinkedIn profile, he is the Managing Director of IDEAPULT, which helps U.S. companies sell their products in Europe.

Brian Fleming is a co-owner of Secure Medical Transport, a Kansas City business that transports people in wheelchairs and walkers for non-emergency purposes.

Bag Bowl was also featured on QVC. However, the product is no longer sold there.

The Daddio Spill Stopper Training Cup, a new product released by the Fleming brothers, has received mixed reviews on Amazon. There are an equal number of 5-star and 4-star reviews for the product.

Bag Bowl Net Worth

When Bag Bowl was on Shark Tank, it was valued at $120,000. As of 2022, Bag Bowl’s net worth is unknown because the company is no longer in business.

Is Bag Bowl Still In Business?

For more than two months after its initial airing, the Bag Bowl was inaccessible due to complications during manufacturing.

Shortly before the 2012 holiday season, they were made accessible. In 2013, you may purchase a “themed” Bag Bowl.

The product is available for purchase on Amazon and will be shipped to you within a few weeks. The Daddio Spill Stopper Training Cup is only one of several products that Brian and Kevin are developing for their company, daddio designs.

In February of 2018, the brothers decided to end their business partnership.

While Brian has returned to the real estate industry, Kevin has moved into cloud computing.


Who Founded Bag Bowl?

Brian Fleming and Kevin Fleming are the founders.

What is Bag Bowl Net Worth?

Bag Bowl net worth is unknown because the company is no longer in business.

Is Bag Bowl Still In Business?

Bag Bowl is no longer in business. It closed in 2018.

What’s the website for Bag Bowl?

Currently, there is no website for the company.

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