Country Delight Success Story: Milk Delivery Company


Country Delight Milk Success Story: Growing the business of selling milk is not an easy task because it is not like a sale on a website where you have given a discount and customers will be drawn towards your brand.

Rather, in this, you have to assure people that the quality wise your product is better than other products available in the market. And you also know that it is not at all easy to beat the companies which are firmly established in the market.

So now the question comes that when startups like Dhoodhwala failed in the milk market. Then what magic wand did country delight milk have, which increased their milk business to 1000 crores. It is not even that country delight sold its products cheaply.

While Amul’s 500-gram packet comes for twenty-seven and a half rupees. Country Delight sells its 500 gram milk for 43 rupees. But despite this people take it. This is the reason that in 2020-21, their revenue had increased 1.8 times from last year to 321 crores.

And by the end of 2022, their 2-year revenue can go up to 1000 crores. Which is a huge amount in the business of milk delivery.

How was Country Delight founded?

Country Delight Owner: Chakradhar Gade and Nitin Kaushal, two youths of IIM Indore. When they saw that good quality milk is not available to the customers in the market and the companies present in the market are also paying less attention to this problem. Then in the year 2013, they started direct-to- Thought of making consumer milk brand and started country delight.


This brand delivers milk and natural food essential items directly from the farmers to the customers’ homes. But both of them had no knowledge about milk. And so he tried to understand their needs by talking to direct consumers. This step of his later also became the reason for his popularity. Because they knew what their consumers wanted from them.

He first started the business with 50 milch animals. And gradually learned the methods of this business from the people around.

By the end of 2013, he started selling 200 liters of milk daily. After this, it took them 6 years to bring this figure to the target of 5000 liters daily. Although he suffered a lot in starting but he understood the reason and made necessary changes.

For example, he decided to take milk from the farmers and deliver it to the consumer only after checking its quality. Apart from this, he also made improvements in his supply chain for delivery.

And gradually learning from their mistakes and improving them, country delight increased its business 10 times in the next 3 years. Currently, this company is supplying milk and grocery every month to more than 80 lakh people in 15 cities of the country.

The company’s co-founder Chakradhar says that his future plan is to increase the network of his farmers and increase his product portfolio. If we talk about the rest of the businesses in the milk market. Then either they remain just a regional brand or else they have to leave the market.

Country Delight Understood Market

But country delight understood that the most important thing here is to win the trust of the customer and provide them with quality products. And he worked on it. He started sending a quality testing kit to the consumers along with his product so that he could check the purity of the milk.

This was the reason that consumers started switching to Country Delight leaving old brands like Amul and Mother Dairy. In the past years, the company has invested a lot on marketing because they know that milk is such a business that once the consumers trust you. They do not switch brands quickly.

Till now country delight was doing only the dairy business but now they have entered in grocery business also. But this market is completely different from the milk. Let’s see whether the coin of country delight can work here or not?

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