Samosa Singh Success Story: Indian Samosa Startup


How did this couple make an empire of 600 crores by selling samosas??

Both Nidhi and Shikhar were studying Biotech together at Kurukshetra University but Nidhi realized that she was more interested in marketing. And so after graduation, she came to Delhi and started working in a pharma company. Whereas Shikhar came to Hyderabad for a master’s degree.


Meanwhile, Shikhar noticed that the college kids used to bunk their classes and go out to eat samosas.

During this, Shikhar noticed that the people of India mostly buy these items from street vendors only. Where hygiene is not taken special care of. This is why Shikhar got the idea of ​​selling samosas in a hygienic way.

Meanwhile, Shikhar and Nidhi got married. Shikhar got a job as a scientist at Biocon company. He was happy in his job. But the plan to start a samosa startup was somewhere in my mind.

He knew that it would be better to do business with samosas because there is still no big company in this field, otherwise it would be easy to stand in the market. Above all, irrespective of the region, Samosa is eaten in almost every part of India.

But their samosa does not become popular in the market just because of maintaining hygiene. For this, he had to make his samosas unique as well. And for this, he started to research. Shikhar quit his job and Nidhi applied to work from home.

And both started preparing loudly to make Samosa Singh different from the rest of the samosas of the country. Shikhar got an idea that where is it written that the filling in samosas should be of potatoes only. And only then they started looking for more such fillings which could be liked in the Indian market.

And finally, after 1 year and 4 months of research, he found the perfect dough and different filling combinations ideas which are now on Samosa Singh’s menu.

Such as veggie spice samosa, Kadai paneer samosa, chicken keema samosa, and chocolate samosa (also known as chocosa.) They came up with different filling ideas.

But in the matter of innovation in samosas, this Singh couple did not stop there. He also noticed that in normal samosas, oil sticks so much on the surface that while eating them, the oil also sticks on the hands.

And that’s why the eater feels that he is eating something very unhealthy. For this, Nidhi came up with an idea that if the corners of the samosas are interlocked, the oil will not go inside them. And because it is only surface fried, the samosas will also become crispy and healthy.

Nidhi says that due to this technique, there is 56% less fat and 46% calories in her samosas.

But he did not sell his samosas in the market saying they are healthy. There were two reasons for this.

Firstly, if people do not understand the science of interlock, then they will question the healthiness of samosas. Which will not be good for the brand.

And secondly, people have this image regarding healthy things that that thing will be less tasty. This means this would have made a difference in their sales as well.

finally, with full preparation, they started their first outlet in February 2016 from a small kitchen in Bangalore.

Here Shikhar was doing the work of frying samosas and it was on Nidhi to become a cashier and waiter.

Initially, he focused on scalability i.e. keeping the charges low so that he could target a bigger market.

His business was doing well but he had to do something bigger and for this Nidhi’s marketing strategies came in handy. He started calling big MNCs and after a lot of effort, he got an order of 8000 samosas.

To fulfill this order, he needed a big kitchen. For this, he sold his house. He had bought this house a few days ago and had shifted there only a day before.

But risk has to be taken in business. And due to his habit of taking this risk, soon the franchise outlet of Samosa Singh opened in Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore, and Mumbai.

And then his business started growing. In the financial year 2017, he earned 5 crores, and in 2018, by selling fifty thousand samosas in a day, he earned 8 crores.

Recently in 2020 companies like She capital, Equanimity investments, fireside ventures, and AET funds have spent 2.7 million on Samosa Singh.

And now samosa Singh’s next plan is to shift to a cloud kitchen so that he can operate more and more kitchens all over India. If you want to know about cloud kitchen then click here to read the full article.

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