Entrepreneur Satish Hirpara’s Journey in the Import-Export Industry


A Gujarati boy Satish Hirpara starts with nothing and now runs a leading export company. Satish Hirpara is the founder & CEO of – Eveg International Private Limited. The company is now the world’s 12th leading exporter company. With the help of natural resources, this man became the leading exporter in the market.

The company was founded in 2010 in Surat, Gujarat, by MD Satish Hirpara. He began producing. During this time, the initial contacts with large supermarkets were established, establishing a pattern that has been followed ever since. Ng vegetables and fruits, followed by vegetable washing, cutting, and packaging


Satish Hirpara was born on the 5th of May, 1994. He saw a lot in his youth and struggled a lot, and today he is a successful businessman and company owner. When the boy reaches a certain age, his family has certain expectations of him. On the other hand, Satish had different plans in his head and wanted to try something fresh.

Journey in the Import-Export Industry

Satish began his career and was involved in a horrific accident. An accident that stunned everyone; this person could not stand on his own. But Satish did not give up! He then established his own business, initially delivering vegetables from home to house. But after a while, he learned about Import-Export.

Satish shared that he could go abroad and start a company there, but he did not go. Because he loves his country, and family matters to him the most. Then he started a company in India only called Eveg International Private Limited.”

“Eveg International Private Limited” is a well-known exporting corporation in today’s exports. It even refers to bringing vegetables or farmer’s goods to the international market via the Internet. Satish’s work, with his thoughts and hard work, Eveg is currently listed among the top companies, which is now showing a large number of young people how to export. Satish’s ambition is to train 10,000 young people like himself how to export and grow the country’s economy.

Satish doesn’t do parties on his birthday. Instead, he tries something new and supports those who want to inspire today’s youngsters. Satish’s work inspires many individuals. His ambition is for every Indian youth to succeed and make the country proud.

Inspiration of youth

Satish inspires many young individuals via social media. It addresses young people’s inquiries about how to run a business and how to do it well.

Satish Hirpara treats his coworkers as family and assists them in any challenging assignment. Satish welcomes everyone interested in working with an Eveg company and provides proper guidance to those individuals. As many young people desire to work with Satish and become exporters, the Eveg company has opened branches in many locations around Gujarat state.


Even international commerce has established a presence in nations such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates. Satish also uses his expertise to inform those living in other countries about business. 

Today the company is growing thanks to the hard work of Satish Hirpara and his team members. We all need entrepreneurs like Satish in our country to raise awareness about a business and who are willing to grow the nation’s economy by doing business in India.

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