What Happened To Hopscotch After Shark Tank?


Hopscotch After Shark Tank Update: Creating a game to play is difficult due to the complex structure of its code and visual design. Samantha John created the programming language Hopscotch, which is so easy to use that even young children can pick it up.

Kids may create and sell their own games on her platform. Samantha successfully presented her company to Mark Cuban on “Shark Tank.” Hopscotch is a $6 million company in 2023. So let’s get to know how is hopscotch doing.

What is Hopscotch?

Hopscotch Technologies is a software development company that has created a platform for children to learn how to code. It was founded in a Brooklyn loft. For touchscreen devices, the first programming language was the Hopscotch iPad app.


Hopscotch’s open-ended setting makes the software interesting each time kids return, and the youngsters learn to code as they build. There was good reason to expect the Sharks to be interested in Hopscotch, as other entrepreneurs have found success in the Tank by advertising items geared at kids, such as Big Bee, Little Bee, and Create A Castle.


  • Winner of many awards in the field of educational technology
  • Free to use
  • Provides access to STEM for kids
  • Comes with free lesson plans
  • Projects might be basic or sophisticated


  • This coding tool may inspire high hopes in kids, but parents should set realistic expectations.

Who is the founder of the Hopscotch Game?

Samantha John, co-founder and CEO of Hopscotch appeared on the ABC show Shark Tank to promote the company. Additionally, she managed the Hopscotch Technologies team and earned an Applied Mathematics degree from Columbia University in New York.

Know About Hopscotch Shark Tank Update

Company NameHopscotch
FounderSamantha John & Jocelyn Leavitt
IndustryCoding and Software
Target AudienceKids and Teens
Vision Of BusinessEducating Kids about coding in an interactive way
Hopscotch NetWorth$6.2M
Visited On Shark TankFeb 26, 2021
SeasonSeason 12
Hopscotch Shark Tank EpisodeEpisode 15
Ask By Founder$400,000 for 4%
Final Deal$550,000 for 11%
SharkMark Cuban
Business StatusIn Business
Hopscotch AppView App
Hopscotch InstagramView Profile
Watch onAmazon Prime
Hopscotch Shark Tank Details

Another Shark Tank Pitch:

Hopscotch After Shark Tank

Samantha John’s good fortune shined brightly during her appearance on Shark Tank. Since Mark Cuban’s kids used the Hopscotch app, he was one of the Sharks who showed an early interest in her idea.

Samantha accepted the offer made by billionaire Mark Cuban. However, Samantha John sought $400,000 in exchange for 4% ownership of her business.

Mark Cuban initially objected to investing $550,000 for only 11% of Hopscotch but eventually gave in.

Samantha claims that the results of her collaboration with Mark Cuban on Hopscotch have been extraordinary. Her company’s memberships and downloads skyrocketed when she appeared on Shark Tank. Additionally, Hopscotch’s profile grew after appearing on Shark Tank. To be more precise, there was a 500% rise in app downloads.

Hopscotch NetWorth

Let’s compare Hopscotch’s earnings before and after Shark Tank’s appearance.

Hopscotch was valued at $10 million when Samantha John proposed it on Shark Tank and requested $400,000 for 4%.

However, the final agreement was based on $550,000 with an interest rate of 11%. Hopscotch NetWorth was $6.2M prior to appearing on Shark Tank.

How is Hopscotch doing?

Hopscotch is a privately held corporation; hence its current sales are subject to a wide range of estimations.

Hopscotch looks to have hired some extra staff in 2022, with most services estimating the company’s sales at around $5.5 million.

The software business that aims to introduce kids to the fun and excitement of computer programming appears to be on the up and up, what with Mark Cuban’s backing and the fact that it appears to have gained some workers since its appearance on Shark Tank.

There have been over 24 million downloads of this code-learning program, and over 36 million games have been made using this framework.

This Edtech company is now subscription-based, with varying subscription plans available.

  • Subscription Price: $7.99/month
  • Price: $79.99 for 1 year of access with a free trial

Is Hopscotch Still In Business?

Yes, Hopscotch is still in business. The intended use of this product is to provide kids with coding skills before they enter formal education.

Because of programming, one’s mental capacity may be greatly expanded. Coding like this will also help kids’ mental development. The latest release, 3.49.0, introduces support for editing drag-and-drop containers.

Are There Any Other Alternatives?

Despite the fact that many institutions are now focusing on STEM education for kids, there are currently no viable alternatives to Hopscotch.


Who owns Hopscotch?

Samantha John is not just the owner but also the company’s co-founder and chief executive officer. In addition to her other duties, she oversees the Hopscotch Technologies division.

What is Hopscotch NetWorth?

Hopscotch NetWorth is $6.2M.

What’s the deal?

After some haggling, Mark Cuban settles on an 11% stake for $550,000 (at a valuation of $5 million).

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