What Happened To Project Pollo After Shark Tank?


Project Pollo After Shark Tank Update: Prepare your taste buds for the next great innovation in plant-based food. The global success of Project Pollo, a vegan fast food company, is set to completely alter the way people all around the world eat.

What Is Project Pollo?

Project Pollo is a creative and forward-thinking concept to shake up the fast food industry by opening a chain of restaurants serving “chicken” made from plants.

The major goal of this effort is to aid the rising movement to decrease our dependency on animal agriculture by making tasty, economical, and environmentally friendly plant-based solutions easier to find.


  • Plant-based, vegan chicken
  • The same as in other fast-food restaurants that use real chicken
  • A wide variety of options
  • No antibiotics or hormones in synthetic meat.


  • Contains soy.
  • It’s not gluten-free.
  • Calorie-dense foods are readily available.

Who Is The Founder Of Project Pollo?

Lucas Bradbury Founder Of Project Pollo

Lucas Bradbury, the creative genius of Project Pollo, a fast-food restaurant 

that focuses on plant-based chicken alternatives, is the man behind the company. The goal of the Bradbury company was to encourage more people to explore plant-based meat alternatives by offering premium products in an accessible, reasonably priced, and hassle-free takeout format.

Know About the Project Pollo Shark Tank Update

Project Pollo serves affordable vegan chicken and plant-based meat. Shark Tank Sharks liked the company’s plant-based chicken dish.

Project Pollo was a food truck before opening restaurants. It had twenty different locations in August 2022.

Project Pollo creator Lucas Bradbury demanded $2.5 million for a 5% stake in Shark Tank, but the Sharks declined owing to the company’s $50 million valuation. 

The Sharks liked the samples but believed the valuation was too high.

Project Pollo, a San Antonio-based restaurant, shuttered in April 2023 after a national franchise company purchased it. Bradbury debuted Side Chicks, a vegan-friendly restaurant, in February 2023.

Project Pollo Shark Tank Update

Company NameProject Pollo
FounderLucas Bradbury
ProductVegan Fast Food Chain
Asked For$2.5 Million of 5% Equity
Final DealNo Deals
SharkNo Shark
Project Pollo Shark Tank Episode S13 E24
Air DateMay 20, 2022
Business StatusIn Business
Project Pollo Net Worth$50 Million Estimated
Project Pollo InstagramView Profile
Project Pollo Shark Tank And Company Details

Another Shark Tank Pitch:

Project Pollo on Shark Tank Pitch


Mark Cuban sent an email to Lucas Bradbury, inviting him to pitch on Shark Tank. Although the creator wasn’t desperately in need of capital, he hoped the publicity would be good for the company. He went on Shark Tank season 13 asking for $2.5 million for 5% stock and got rejected.

Before revealing his value, he gave the Sharks sufficient time to prepare themselves. 

The Texas businessman supported the high estimate of his company’s worth. It was especially tough for Kevin O’Leary to accept the price tag.

Furthermore, Barbara highlighted a crucial concern regarding the company’s name that might mislead potential buyers. Despite the delicious cuisine and promising early sales, the Sharks remained cautious about investing in the venture. 

Their main apprehension was rooted in the fear that Project Pollo’s rapid expansion efforts could lead to significant financial losses. Consequently, all the Sharks decided to decline the offer, erring on the side of caution. 

Despite this setback, the determined entrepreneur remains optimistic about the future of Project Pollo and is determined to address the Sharks’ concerns while staying committed to achieving the company’s ambitious goals.

Project Pollo After Shark Tank

Lucas failed to get a deal, but his firm is still running high because of the hit from the show. There are now 13 Project Pollo restaurants in Texas, with an additional 8 scheduled to open by the end of 2022 in other states.

In 2023, Lucas hopes to launch his franchise and is now seeking joint venture partners in the New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore food service industries. Workers at this business may take advantage of health insurance and paid time off.

Based on 165 reviews, the vegan fast food restaurant has an average Yelp rating of 4.5 stars. It is expected that Project Pollo’s yearly revenue will be $10 million, and its market value will be $50 million. 

The company’s continued success depends on its ability to provide customers with healthier alternatives in the future.

Project Pollo Net Worth

Additionally, it was revealed during the “Shark Tank” appearance that the Project Pollo team is experiencing exponential growth, with new members joining at an astonishing rate. 

The businessman confidently declared that they are on track to achieve their ambitious goal of expanding their network nationwide by the year 2024. 

Moreover, he asserted that the company’s valuation has reached an impressive $50 million, showcasing the tremendous potential and success of Project Pollo. With this momentum, the team is poised to capitalize on their innovative approach and cement their position in the market

Is Project Pollo Still In Business?

Yes, project Pollo is still in existence nowadays and is continually expanding the scope of its efforts. Project Pollo has persisted and expanded since it was first presented, despite the fact that it was unable to get a contract on the show Shark Tank.

Who does Project Pollo benefit?

Vegans, vegetarians, and those adhering to other meat-free diets, including kosher and halal, will find Project Pollo particularly useful.

It is also a good option for anyone who is environmentally conscious and worried about the global impact that the industrial mass farming sector has, as well as sustainability and the unethical treatment of livestock.

Project Pollo Competitors

Plant-based chicken manufacturers are partnering with vegetarian and vegan restaurants to serve the rising market of ecologically aware fast food fans.

These restaurants are spreading inland from their East and West Coast sites. Below are Longhorn State options.

  • Birdguesa
  • KFC
  • Korny Vibes
  • Outreach
  • Lead411
  • Adapt


What is Project Pollo?

Project Pollo, the first vegan chicken fast food franchise in the United States, serves burgers, wraps, and shakes made from plant-based ingredients. 

Who Founded Project Pollo?

Lucas Bradbury is the founder of Project Pollo.

What is Project Pollo Net Worth?

Project Pollo Net Worth is $50 Million estimated.

Is Project Pollo Still In Business?

Yes, Project Pollo is still in business.

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