What Happened To HandyPan After Shark Tank?


HandyPan After Shark Tank Update: Are you interested in purchasing a pan with a built-in sieve to facilitate the effortless draining of liquids when cooking?

Currently worth $83.83 billion, the kitchen goods market projects to be worth around $131 billion by 2027. Josh Conway and Adam Chaudhry, two part-time entrepreneurs, came up with the idea of making cookware with a built-in sieve to drain liquids. 

They have come to “Shark Tank,” hoping to negotiate a deal with the shark rather than for the money, despite the fact that their invention has the potential to revolutionize the industry. Will a deal be “panning out” among the sharks? Well, we’ll have to see.

What Is HandyPan?


The HandyPan is a high-quality stainless steel cooking implement. Pan food, etc., can have excess liquids removed with its use.

Assume for a moment that you are preparing some sort of street fare and would like to drain the oil from it, but that you would also lose some of the meal in the process.

So, “HandyPan” is the solution; it makes it simple to drain oil, sauces, and other liquids from cooked foods.

The ceramic and stainless steel used to construct this pan is of the greatest quality, and it is even easy to clean.


  • Pan-separating liquids and solids is easier.
  • Less cleanup due to fewer tools
  • When straining, don’t lose food in the sink.
  • Removing all liquid makes cooking more precise.


  • The Handy Pan isn’t attractive.
  • When not in use, the strainer is there.

Who Is The Founder Of HandyPan?

Handy Pan was founded by Josh Conway and Adam Chaudhry. Aside from being a real estate agent, Josh is also the general manager of a company whose foundation is in the development of significant technological innovations.

He is currently the sole proprietor of Chaudry Law, LLC, while leading his team to the ultimate cleaning appliance for the kitchen. 

The two groups of guys had been pals since they were young and had experimented with numerous innovations.

Know About the HandyPan Shark Tank Update

They only wanted $10,000 in exchange for 20% ownership of the company. Less than $10,000 in sales at the time prompted both of them to consider taking their company retail. 

While the other sharks were checking out the machinery, Robert was wondering why Josh and Adam just wanted a few pieces. 

Barbara wanted to know the source of the product’s low $7900 in sales. Josh reported that sales had been modest.

HandyPan Shark Tank Update

Company NameHandyPan
FounderJosh Conway and Adam Chaudry
ProductStainless Steel Cooking Pan
Asked For$10K for 20% Equity
Final Deal$10K for 20% Equity
SharkLori Greiner
HandyPan Shark Tank Episode S13 E21
Air DateMay 2, 2022
Business StatusIn Business
HandyPan Net Worth$500K Estimated
HandyPan WebsiteVisit website
HandyPan Shark Tank And Company Details

Another Shark Tank Pitch:

HandyPan on Shark Tank Pitch

Handy Pan’s minimal investment request immediately attracts shark Barbara Corcoran, who questions Adam Chaudry and Josh Conway about their sales. They admitted to only making $7,950 in sales and blamed that for their low investment worth.

After more questioning from Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec, the duo reveals they lack the marketing abilities to sell their goods, spending only $553 on Facebook advertising. 

Chaudry is an attorney, while Josh works in real estate. Despite their modest sales, Mark Cuban supports the couple, telling the other sharks that their day jobs hadn’t forced them to “push their backs against the wall” and advertise and retail their product.

Chaudry impresses Cuban further by explaining that the couple patented the Handy Pan’s strainer attachment, which fits any pan. Robert Herjavec and Greiner agree with Cuban that the Handy Pan is fantastic. 

Greiner completed Chaudry and Conway’s deal by saying, “You wanted $10,000 for 20%? Give everything to you—I have nothing to lose.”

HandyPan After Shark Tank


We are unable to verify whether or not Lori’s deal went through; however, following their appearance on Shark Tank, the company sold out of all of its stock. 

Nearly three-quarters of the people who follow Lori on Twitter responded positively to her query about whether or not they would purchase the goods. 

It would appear that they have refilled their supplies in preparation for the August 2022 repeat. Let’s hope that was enough.

Is HandyPan Still In Business?

We may never know what became of Lori Greiner’s investment in Adam Chaudry and Josh Conway’s company after they appeared on “Shark Tank,” but we do know that it continues to grow now. Yes, HandyPan is still in business. 

It appears that the “Handy Pot” is not yet for sale, but “Shark Tank” fans can get the Handy Pan currently from the product’s official website, buyhandypan.com.

HandyPan Competitors

  • Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Nonstick Skillet
  • Zwilling Madura Plus Nonstick Skillet
  • All-Clad D3 Stainless-Steel Fry Pan


Who Founded HandyPan?

Josh Conway and Adam Chaudhry are the creators of Handy Pan.

What is HandyPan Net Worth?

HandyPan net worth is $500K.

Is HandyPan Still In Business?

Yes, HandyPan is still in business.

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