What Happened To Lil Advents After The Shark Tank?


Getting your toddler to use the toilet may be a roller coaster ride. Not all children are as quick to grasp concepts as others. Lil advents potty time was developed by Mindy and Brandon Wright, who proposed the product on Season 13 of Shark Tank.

It’s an advent calendar that gets youngsters excited about toilet training by rewarding them for using the restroom independently. Will the investors think this toilet-training gadget has any value? In this next installment of our Lil Advents shark tank series, we’ll fill you in on what happened and what they’re up to.

What is Lil Advents?

The wooden blocks and advent calendar that makeup Lil Advents are toilet training incentives. By giving them a block after every successful toilet deposit, the scheme motivates kids to use the facility.

Who is the founder of Lil Advents?

The company was started by Mindy and Brandon Wright, who appeared on Shark Tank to ask for $300,000 in exchange for 15% ownership. The year-to-date sales of Lil Advents were $320,000 when they appeared on Shark Tank.

The goal of the Lil Advents method is to make the process of teaching a kid to use the toilet an enjoyable one. Kids may earn incentives like these toilet-use-themed wood blocks in an advent calendar arrangement.

The doors in the calendar are actually hiding the blocks, making the whole thing more exciting.

After struggling to get their own children to use the toilet, Mindy and Brandon Wright came up with the idea for Lil Advents.

Lil Advents Shark Tank Update

Company NameLil Advents
FounderBrandon Wright and Mindy Wright
Productpotty training calendar and game chart
Asked For$300k for 15% equity
Final DealNo Deal’s
SharkNo Shark
Episode S13 E20
Air DateApril 15, 2022
Business StatusIn Business
HeadquartersRenton, Washington, United States
Lifetime Worth (Sales)$1.6M *estimated
Go To AmazonBuy Now
Watch onAmazon Prime

Brandon and Mindy visited the Shark Tank and presented their Potties Trainer to Sher. But, the “sharks” were not interested in making investments in their business. Even though the startup didn’t get funded on Shark Tank, sales were brisk.

Another Shark Tank Pitch:

After Shark Tank, what happened to Lil Advents?

The potty training chart and advent game created by Lil advents potty time were featured on Season 13 of Shark Tank. Mindy and Brandon Wright, who had trouble toilet training their daughter Ruby, came up with the idea for the tool.

The potty training curve for most youngsters was rather quick because of the alternatives and increasing difficulty of Lil advents potty time. Lil Advents’ year-to-date revenue of $320,000 was not enough to seal a deal in the shark tank.

On Amazon, the product “Lil ADVENTS Potty Time Adventures” is selling well. This item is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon and is one of the Top 100 Best Sellers in Potties on Amazon right now.

Does Lil Advents Still In Business?

Actually, Lil advents potty time is still in business, and it sells products through its website and the online retail giant Amazon. There is less competition in the market, the product has won multiple honors, and it has garnered great reviews across all social media channels.

Despite the company’s failure to secure funding from Shark Tank, Lil Advent has become a household brand because of the success of its product.

The piece was revised to reflect the company’s annual revenues of $320,000 at the time of its appearance on the program.


Who is the founder of Lil Advents?

Mindy and Brandon Wright founded the Lil Advents company.

What are Lil advents net worth in 2023?

Before participating in Shark Tank, Lil ADVENTS Potty Time Adventure was valued at $2 million. By 2022, however, its creators, Mindy and Brandon Wright had earned just $200,000 in wealth.

Is Lil Advents Still in Business?

The company’s LinkedIn page says it was founded in 2019, and it is doing well at the moment.

Mindy Wright, who serves as President at the moment, is in charge of running the organization. As of April 2023, Lil advents potty time is still working as intended.

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