What Happened To Eat Your Flowers After Shark Tank?


Eat Your Flowers After Shark Tank: Most people view flowers primarily as a visual delight. However, many are genuinely amazing. For this reason, Loria Stern employs flowers as a natural decoration for her baked items. Will she get a deal on this season of Shark Tank? Read the most recent edition of Eat Your Flowers to find out!

What Is Eat Your Flowers, And Who Is The Founder Of Eat Your Flowers?

A delicious cookie, Eat Your Flowers, is a shortbread recipe. The confection’s creator, Loria Stern, made it with pressed edible flowers and herbs.

Loria’s passion for the subject dates back to when she was a teenager contemplating a future in professional tennis.

Her interest in the healing powers of plants ultimately derailed her tennis career. After deciding to give up tennis, she chose an education in the visual arts instead.

She grew up to dwell in a cottage surrounded by California wildflowers on a sprawling estate. She eventually became a pastry chef after enrolling in a course on edible and medicinal plants.

Loria’s pastries were originally only floral decorations, but then she discovered that some of the flowers had a taste that could be extracted and put into the cookies.

She quickly figured out which flowers’ colors would darken and brighten in the oven, and she began baking what she called “Eat Your Flowers” cookies.

Loria said that her cookies contain nothing but all-natural ingredients. This consists of things like vanilla chocolate, edible flowers, and herbs that are grown organically.

Flowers such as chamomile and lavender, as well as nasturtiums, bachelor buttons, calendula, and violas, are used. Every single one of those cookies is handcrafted.


  • Their products are original, eye-catching, and delicious.
  • Organic flowers produced for eating are used in the goods, making them environmentally beneficial.
  • Because of this, not only are the products healthy, yet the business itself is as well.
  • Eat Your Flowers values community and diversity.


  • The items are expensive, but their distinctiveness and taste make them worth it.
  • It may become increasingly difficult to grow enough domestic flowers to provide the company’s demands as demand rises.

Know About the Eat Your Flowers Shark Tank Update

Loria wanted to grow her business across the United States, so she went on Shark Tank and asked the “sharks” for money. Loria and Sharks had a lengthy discussion regarding the company’s revenue and performance.

Eat Your Flowers Shark Tank Update

Company NameEat Your Flowers
FounderLoria Stern
Productedible flowers business
Asked For$250k for 12% equity
Final Deal$250k for 15% equity
SharkBarbara Corcoran
Eat Your Flowers Shark Tank Episode S14 E15
Air DateMarch 3, 2023
Business StatusIn Business
HeadquartersLos Angeles, California, United States
Eat Your Flowers Net Worth$2.2M (Estimated)
In BusinessYes
Eat Your Flowers InstagramView Profile
Eat Your Flowers WebsiteVisit Here
Eat Your Flowers Shark Tank Details

Another Shark Tank Pitch:

Eat Your Flowers on Shark Tank Pitch

On Season 14 of Shark Tank, Loria presented her business, Eat Your Flowers, which specializes in baked foods decorated with edible flowers. Her desserts, including cakes and cookies, and flower-themed decorating accessories, all feature flowers in unique and imaginative ways.

From the perspective of the sharks, the company’s $330,000 profit in 2021 was amazing.

Investor Kevin O’Leary was keen and offered $250,000 in return for 25% ownership. As a result of her doubts about the company’s viability as an investment, Lori Greiner quit.

Next to leave for the same reason was Robert Herjavec. Mark Cuban agreed that the product wasn’t a good match. Therefore he and the rest of the team likewise disbanded.

Loria promptly accepted Barbara Corcoran’s offer of $250,000 in exchange for a 15% ownership stake.

Eat Your Flowers After Shark Tank

Loria said business was booming when the sharks asked about it. She informed the sharks that her business had already made over $2.2 million in profit since its inception.

In 2022, the company anticipated a gross revenue of over $1 million. Everything is sold online to the end user. Costs were around $7.50 per box, but sales were above $50, resulting in substantial profit margins.

Where can you get Eat Your Flowers Shark Tank?

Delicious cookies, pies, and cakes from Eat Your Flowers are available for purchase on the website eatyourflowers.com. A dozen of the assorted cookies costs between $45 and $57. The website includes a flower shop, gift retailer, and cookbook store.


Sprinkles may be purchased for $24, and a botanical press kit can be bought for $125. The e-book format of the cookbook is only $18.

Eat Your Flowers Net Worth

It was estimated that Loria Stern’s Eat Your Flowers company had a total net value of $2.2M.

Is Eat Your Flowers Still In Business?

Yes, Eat Your Flowers is still in business. After appearing on Shark Tank, the business has been booming, and in 2022, the company had its highest annual total revenue.

Loria hopes to increase her marketing efforts, expand her product offering, and increase her sales with the help of new team member Barbara.

Eat Your Flowers Competitors

Regarding flower-pressed cookies, Eat Your Flowers has no competitive alternatives. You may find comparable cookie recipes on other websites.


Who Founded Eat Your Flowers?

Los Angeles-based chef, baker, botanist, gardener, and artist Loria Stern owns and operates Eat Your Flowers.

What is Eat Your Flowers Net Worth?

Eat Your Flowers Net Worth is $2.2M.

Who benefits from Eat Your Flowers and why?

Don’t assume Loria Stern will gain the most from Eat Your Flowers. Her business is community-based, but it makes money. It’s also diverse and inclusive. Loria now grows more than flowers. She buys business supplies from local farmers year-round.

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